Holiday Gift Ideas from Chicago College Basketball

It's that time of year again, no not the holidays, exam week and while I try to kill some time until Chicago State plays Nebraska (on!) and DePaul plays Mississippi State (on ESPN2) on Thursday I've been checking out the merchandise available at the various online shops of the five schools this blog covers. Below are some great gift ideas for the student, alumni or fan in your life.

Northwestern basketball hoop and ball set - $12.99

The perfect gift for the youngster, recent alum living in an apartment or student stuck in a dorm room in your life. This set will allow them to pretend that they are the person draining the magical last-second three-point shot that sends Northwestern to its first ever NCAA Tournament. Mount the basket lower if you want to know how it feel to be Kyle Rowley posting up (turnovers not included) or put it further away and imagine you're Alex Marcotullio. You'll have to find your own Michael Thompson to dish out the assists. Buy it now.


DePaul Top of the World Navy & Red Triple Conference Hat - $20.00

Thought about suggesting the plush DePaul basketball, but then I decided it would be far to similar to the last gift. There is a lot of flexibility in this cap as one size fits all. It's sort of like the exact opposite of head coach Jerry Wainwright's rotation at the moment. While DePaul really could use a mini-hoop to work on its free throw shooting this is the next best thing. Plus, I really like the "D" logo. Buy it now.
UIC Flames Holiday Pack - $65.00
You could just get a Flames fleece blanket, but why stop there? The holiday pack may look like expensive, but look what you get: 4 premium lower level seats, the fleece blanket and a holiday card. This is the gift that inspired this post. You also get to pick which game the four tickets are to. Personally, I'd recommend buying them quick because the best deals are Dec. 16 against Oregon State, Jan. 15 against Loyola or Jan. 23 against Butler. All offer to some great reasons to watch. Maybe by January the Flames will have finally heated up on offense. Buy it now.


Loyola University Chicago Banner - $32.00
The history of Loyola is great and the present might eventually catch up, so why not celebrate it with this very nice banner. While I'm sort of jealous that I can't find the blanket that Kyle Whelliston mentions in this Mid-Majority post the banner is a nice substitute. The banner is 1.5'x3' so you're going to need some space for it. Personally, I think a great idea would be to buy the banner and then if the Ramblers make a tournament this year buy a patch for it and sew it on. You'll have an excellent keepsake from an unexpected occurrence. The other Loyola gift I would totally buy? A DVD of the intro video at the Gentile Center. Now there's a great combination of the new and the old. Since you can't have that, get the banner. Buy it now.
Chicago State 1867 Sweatpants - $28.00
The Cougars have the sweetest logo in Chicago, so it's a little sad that they don't show it off more on the merchandise available in the university store. I checked through a bunch of items, but eventually I settled on the sweatpants due to the fact that they looked warm and it's freezing in Chicago right now. The Cougar logo is subtle, but it's definitely there. If you can't get enough of the Cougar logo mouse over it on the official athletics site. Rarrr! Buy it now.


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