During the off-season there have been links posts once a week on Sundays. Now that the season is set to start the links have been coming in too fast to wait until the weekend. Thus, here's a few of the most important links about Chicago College Basketball.

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DePaul scheduling updates, an "interesting" take on Chicago State, a Northwestern preview and information about the Big Ten's lack of festivities all are after the jump.

  • Youngstown State SID Trevor Parker recently said in an interview that Chicago State was one of the most interesting places he'd visited during his time as SID. Now, I'm not sure what he meant by "interesting." Decide for yourself: "Another interesting place was Chicago State because it
    was in not one of the nicer parts of Chicago so you had to be careful
    about getting there, and you saw doors with chains on them, the toilet
    paper there was chained down in the men's stalls."
  • As a reminder, DePaul will attempt to set the world record for the largest game of knockout
    tonight at 6 p.m. The Blue Demons are attempting to get 200
    competitors. I might be a little late, but I hope to check out the
    event and grab some photos. If you're going to that, or Friday night's
    Blue Madness let me know. Also, in DePaul scheduling news, the Blue
    Demons announced they've scheduled an exhibition game against the University of Chicago on November 6.
  • The Big Ten Network has information about the four Big Ten teams
    hosting Midnight Madness festivities on Friday. It's amazing that only
    four of the 11 schools in what might be the best basketball conference
    in the country this season are hosting events.
  • Bleacher Report's Joe Slowik has his preview about the Northwestern Wildcats' 2009-10 season up.

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