Horizon League/Big Ten Challenge


You won't hear it advertised anywhere like the ACC/Big Ten Challenge but the Horizon League/Big Ten Challenge is going to be happening at basketball arenas throughout the Midwest - and the country - during the non-conference schedule. There are 10 games between the two conferences in November and December.

The best part? The Horizon League - mostly thanks to Butler - might win a few. The Bulldogs play at least three Big Ten teams (@Northwestern, vs. Minnesota (N), vs. Ohio State). Horizon League schools are scheduled to appear on the Big Ten Network at least seven times.

The Horizon League schools without a Big Ten opponent are: Loyola-Chicago, Youngstown State and Wright State.

I don't have data for prior years, but 10 games between the two conferences seems like quite a bit. I wonder if both conferences are attempting to take advantage of the geographical proximity of the conferences in order to accommodate cheaper non-conference games that are still of high quality. Whatever the case, I'm all for this trend and I'll be tracking these games during in November and December.

All of the match-ups are after the break. Butler at Northwestern - 11/18
Valparaiso at Michigan State (Legends Classic) - 11/22
Butler vs. Minnesota (76 Classic - Anaheim, Calif.) - 11/26
Valparaiso at Purdue - 12/9
Wisconsin at Wisconsin-Green Bay - 12/9
Ohio State at Butler - 12/12
Detroit at Michigan - 12/13
Cleveland State at Ohio State - 12/22
Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Wisconsin - 12/23
UIC at Wisconsin - 12/27


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  • The correct references for UWGB and UWM basketball teams are Green Bay and Milwaukee, respectively.

    You're not calling Minnesota UMTC or Illinois UIUC, are you?

  • Indeed- the Milwaukee Panthers sports teams and the Milwaukee Athletic Dept. are actively trying to eliminate the smorgasbord of mishmash-ed references to Milwaukee Panther sports teams ("UWM Panthers, "Wisc.-Milw", "UW-Milwaukee", "Wisconsin-Milwaukee", "Wis-Milwaukee", etc.).

    Simply "Milwaukee" or "Milwaukee Panthers" is preferred. You are not "on notice" or anything.. lol. Just thought I should share the preference of the school and AD, with the hope that you'd honor the standard.

    Milwaukee at Wisconsin - 12/23

    May sound weird.. but no weirder than:

    Louisville at Kentucky
    Miami at Florida
    Tulsa at Oklahoma

    ....etc. Take my mean? Thanks for understanding.

  • Thanks. I honestly didn't know and it makes complete sense. UIC has been trying to go to that moniker from Illinois-Chicago for a long time and is still struggling to have it recognized. I'll make sure I use the one-name convention for the Wisconsin schools moving forward.

  • Thanks very much, John. We really appreciate it. Some of our own fans tire of us patrolling the media like this, but name branding is extremely important to a university, and they've chosen to go with Milwaukee at our school.

    By the way - thanks for bringing this up. The Horizon League doesn't get a lot of good publicity.

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