DePaul sets a world record


Knockout winner Joe Anhalt shoots during the later stages of the competition.

Some world records, like the mile's 3:34.13, are seemingly unattainable. But somewhere on the level of making the world's largest pizza or holding the world's largest wedding is the feat DePaul pulled off on Thursday night, and it's still certainly one to be commended.

DePaul hosted the largest game of knockout ever with 112 participants breaking the previous record of 100 that was set last year by the New York Knicks.

The winner was DePaul junior Joe Anhalt. He lasted far longer than I - though I did manage to get through three rounds without making a single free throw and relegating myself to quickly chasing down rebounds.

A few more photos of the event are after the jump.

People chasing basketballs was a common sight on Thursday night.


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