Northwestern and DePaul not playing during 2009-10 season

I meant to mention this earlier, but when DePaul's non-conference schedule was released about a week ago it was missing Northwestern. The fact that the Blue Demons and Wildcats won't be playing this season is another blow to Chicago college basketball fans.

From the DePaul press release: "After annual meetings over the last six seasons, the Northwestern
Wildcats are missing from the 2009-10 non-conference slate. The Blue
Demons and Wildcats are taking a year off in the series and are
scheduled to play during the 2010-11 season."

The two power conference squads from the Chicago-land area really should make an
effort to play each other each season. I know that DePaul made a point of specifying that the Wildcats and Blue Demons would meet again during the
2010-11 season, but it's still disappointing. Whether it was a good
decision will essentially come down to what team Northwestern scheduled in
that extra slot.

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