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Chicago College Basketball is the best place for news and analysis about the five NCAA Division I basketball teams in Chicago. The coverage is spread out equally among Northwestern, DePaul, UIC (Illinois-Chicago), Loyola-Chicago and Chicago State.

Right now, because we're in the college basketball offseason, you'll see a lot on this site about the upcoming NBA Draft, who is hot in recruiting and some insights into the players leaving and joining each of the five schools. Also, information about schedules is beginning to leak out. Figuring out where and whom the Chicago schools will be playing is a puzzle to which the pieces are just starting to fit together.
Be sure to check out the glossary of college basketball statistics. The link is in the navigation bar right below the header. There you will find insight into a number of the statistics used frequently on this blog including Pythagorean Record and Offensive Efficiency. If you're familiar with the work of Ken Pomeroy and the team at Basketball Prospectus, much of it will seem very familiar. Don't worry if you don't have a degree in Mathematics, I'll be sure to distill all of the numbers into some useful trends and give my opinion about what the numbers mean.
Finally, if you wish that games were being played, or want to remember some of your favorite moments from last season, check out the photogalleries page

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