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What if Mary, the Mother of Jesus, had a Mommy Blog?

I’ve been critical of these so-called “mommy blogs” recently. Some of us (the non-mommy bloggers of the world) get a sense of faux-frustration coming from these blogs. I like mommy bloggers. But the most popular mommy blogs seem a bit fake. I’m not saying the tribulations in your life are fake, I’m saying the way... Read more »

Happy Birthday Walt Disney

On this day, in 1901, Walter Elias Disney was born in the Hermosa section of Chicago. In the subsequent years, he became the manifestation of the American Dream. He was the foundation for cinematic production, animation, musicals, print, and comedic art. In other words, this man basically invented modern entertainment. In 1923, Walt Disney and... Read more »

Can I Be a Feminist While Still Having Sex with as Many Women as Possible?

I’m a man, but I also consider myself a modern feminist. I’m a strong advocate for equal pay and equal economic advancement for women. I lean considerably left on social issues such as abortion and contraception rights. I actually view these two issues primarily for women; men should just stay out of the political debate... Read more »

About These Mommy Blogs...

There’s a lot of blogs out there written by moms these days. Readers can’t escape the fact that many of these “mommy blogs” use curse words…..a lot. Of course, I don’t feel anything is inherently wrong with swear words, and nothing is wrong with a mom swearing. My question is: Why are there so many... Read more »

Top 5 Post-Thanksgiving Day Problems and How to Solve Them

(1.) You find out your girlfriend gained 10 pounds. How to Solve it: First, don’t panic, it’s never good to panic during an emergency. Keep your composure. Also, stop looking at her gigantic and elephantine butt. This will be exceedingly difficult considering her butt has noticeably expanded in just a 48-hour window. Tell her you... Read more »

I Cheated: A Love Story Everyone Here Can Relate To

It has been eight long months since the last time I saw her… This time last year, ChicagoNow and I were having a wonderful relationship. We were inseparable. I remember I used to take her to the park on my iPhone, or spend a day with her at the beach, or stroll down Michigan Ave.... Read more »

NCAA Tournament: Sex and Statistics

I’m picking chalk for my Final Four except for one non-#1 seed: Ohio State. Looking over the odds at two sport futures sites, Vegas Insider and Bovada, the first thing that pops out are the odds on Ohio State of not only winning the East Region, but winning the whole Tournament. Betting lines and futures... Read more »

Riot Gear for Police Horses May Bring Surprises

According to a post from the Chicago Sun Times, our city police horses from the Mounted Unit will get their very own “riot gear” in preparation for the NATO summit in May. The riot gear will be custom made and it’s unclear exactly how the horses will appear with full gear. The city is currently... Read more »

Jeremy Lin is a Better Role Model than Derrick Rose and It's Not Even Close

The difference between Jeremy Lin and Derrick Rose, in regards to being a role model, is the difference between what is expected and what is exceptional in terms of what people presume from an individual. Derrick Rose is humble, has never been arrested, does charity work, cares for his teammates, and works hard on the... Read more »

Microsoft’s "Avoid Ghetto" App: Thirty Years Too Late For The Griswolds

Thumbnail image for 'Microsoft’s "Avoid Ghetto" App: Thirty Years Too Late For The Griswolds'
Earlier this month, Microsoft secured a patent for an app with a GPS feature that allows users to avoid high-crime areas. Microsoft calls the app, “Pedestrian Route Production.” Incredibly, someone at Microsoft actually got paid for coming up with the term “Pedestrian Route Production” to describe an app. Just this week, CBS News Seattle wrote... Read more »