Microsoft’s "Avoid Ghetto" App: Thirty Years Too Late For The Griswolds

Earlier this month, Microsoft secured a patent for an app with a GPS feature that allows users to avoid high-crime areas. Microsoft calls the app, "Pedestrian Route Production."

Incredibly, someone at Microsoft actually got paid for coming up with the term "Pedestrian Route Production" to describe an app.

Just this week, CBS News Seattle wrote a story about the app and stated, "Microsoft has been granted a patent for its 'avoid ghetto' feature for GPS devices."

Incredibly, someone at CBS News Seattle actually got paid for coming up with the term "Avoid Ghetto" to describe an app.

Ever since the CBS News Seattle article was published, other news outlets have picked-up and used the provocative term, spurring both racial accusations and political correctness counter-arguments.

Some people think the term "Avoid Ghetto" may be racist. Others think the app itself may be racist. All I know for sure is Clark Griswold could have used this app when he drove through St. Louis.



Video courtesy of Youtube user fantas4


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