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Higher Education News Around the City

In recent weeks, days, hours, minutes, Chicago has been a city filled with news. Some of it is news about higher education. So here are a few snippets, with some relevant commentary: 1. New and not so new presidents abound in our city. Columbia College has a new president in Kwang-Wu Kim and Shimer College... Read more »

Liberal Education in What Places?

Sunday’s New York Times included a piece by Jim Sleeper entitled “Liberal Education in Authoritarian Places,” which examined the implications of the recent spate of exporting of liberal education institutions to places like, well, Shanghai. Concerns around academic freedom, censorship and much else swirl around such enterprises (using the term in a variety of senses)... Read more »

Coming Soon to Chicago is Our Campus

Watch here for the following topics — all associated with higher education in Chicago(land) and beyond. 1. The Trayvon Martin decision — How is that related to colleges and universities? What is our role in relation to such events? 2.  A new film: Monsters University — Is it about higher eductaion only because. . .... Read more »

SCOTUS and Higher Education

In recent weeks, we have seen several decisions by the US Supreme Court (aka SCOTUS) that affect higher education. And, not all of them are obvious. Every time the Supreme Court acts it impacts our lives, whether we know it or not, for it determines, in some ways, the law of the land. And, we... Read more »

Admission to College This Fall

I applied for college in the traditional way (for the 1970s) and was accepted at one place, rejected at the second, and admitted for January (wait listed for the fall) at the third. Thus, when I went to Duke, I was an August admit. In fact, I was officially admitted several days before I began... Read more »

Philanthropy Matters: Give Now

So, recently the Sun Times published an article entitled “The Worthiest of Causes — A Good Education.”  Of course, I agree with this feel good headline. Likely, we all do — at least those of us raised to believe that education was a route not only to an improved individual life, but to a better... Read more »

Is Violence Affecting Chicago's Higher Education Community?

Of course it is. It is affecting all of us. Every day, some Chicagoans — or visitors — face violence. In the home, on the street, and elsewhere. We are a violent city in violent times. And we are getting the press for it. Crime in Chicago documents much of it, as do our daily... Read more »

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

Or not. It is a myth — in the sense of a powerful story that shapes lives — that colleges close down in the summer. Not so much. Nor is it true that faculty are not working. Campuses are increasingly 12 month facilities — if for no other reason than that it is expensive to... Read more »


Campuses across the US are reeling — because of violence. Some of those are in Boston, some in Virginia, and some in Texas. Stabbings, shootings and explosions have affected our entire society, and in many ways our campuses. Chicago, for example, is in the headlines all too often for our level of violence — last... Read more »

Chicago College in USA Today (April 6, 2013)

Is it better to go to a trade school or a college? Is it better to major in English or major in engineering? How can I choose best to ensure I get a job after graduation? How can I choose to ensure that I can be employed 5 years from now, or 10? There is,... Read more »
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    Shimerprez is the 14th president of Shimer College at 35th and State. She also blogs at the Huffington Post and at a Shimer Blog called Evocations which can be found on line at She is a University of Chicago Ph.D. who works on religion, the social sciences, gender and sexuality. She reads murder mysteries, is fascinated by the world of food, and also loves the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

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