Still Choosing? Transfers, Late Admits, and More

As we approach May, likely many people across Chicago(land) are tensely awaiting admissions letters from their colleges of choice. Some, though, are just starting to think about what college might be good to approach for the fall. Some of these are high school juniors, just entering the fray. Others are sophomores, as colleges and universities "dip down" further and further into high school to try to attract students to their campus. And others, of course, are what the trade sometimes labels as "adult degree completes" -- those who started college once upon a time and want to finish up -- or who have a few credits and are thinking of continuing.

In all cases, there are a whole range of ways to pursue your dream in Chicago -- from early entrants who leave for college well before graduating (after the junior year in many cases) to those who take a "gap year" or those who "oops, I forgot to apply" -- colleges across Chicagoland remain interested in you.

Here are some options that might help:

Transfer Tuesdays at Shimer College

Chicago State University Admissions Office has many options for Summer and beyond

Of course, there are many more options. This is last year's list of colleges that still had space. The organization that produced it will do so again this year. In fact, they are hard at work on it right this very minute and results for openings for Fall 2014 will be available around May 1.

So: go out there and find exactly what is right for you.



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    It is already June and I am sure that the majority of students already know answer from college (hopefully all get what they are expecting to get). And, finally, students can get some rest. All their essays and dissertations are far behind them and it is time for them to have some summer fun.

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