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Chicago is home to many colleges and universities, and if one includes what natives call Chicagoland, there are even more. So, every day is a news day for Chicago when it comes to Higher Education News. Here are a few good sources for Chicago HIgher Education News:

First: The Illinois Board of Higher Education has a Daily News Digest. Yes, it covers more than Chicago, but (also yes) it covers the Chicago area well. Here is the site. And, of course, if you wander the site more fully, you can learn a lot about higher education in the state and more locally.

Second: The Chicago Tribune has a site which lists higher education news. The news might be from 1992 or 2013, but there it is. For Mitch Daniels (Purdue University) on "Reinventing Higher Education" as one particular article, try here.

For a specific articles:

Try this one on higher education and the digital world as discussed in Chicago in mid-March, 2013.

Try this one on the issue of white men's alienation in higher education. Though it does not come from a Chicago source, it certainly has relevance for Chicago and Chicagoland. Doesn't it?

Not to mention the economy and cuts to higher education. Here the argument is that these cuts will hurt state economies for the long (and short) term future.

Finally, you can check on the news or media part of various colleges or universities to keep an eye on how they show up in the media. For example, click here for media attention to Columbia College in Chicago.

And then there is the realm of the blogosphere. Check out the blogs listed here  and other listings for options to catch up on your news and opinions in the virtual world.

So, usually, I will focus more attention on a single story or bit of news, but this should get you going -- and thinking about higher education in the news. Why? Because if you care, you too can contribute by writing responses and arguing for the importance of higher education for the public good.

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