Chicago is Our Campus

Why Chicago is our campus?

Years ago, there was a marketing campaign for Philadelphia. The campaign focused on the many colleges and universities in the area, and identified the city itself as the campus. It was the city as campus, rather than the colleges and universities using the city. So, when I have been thinking about Chicago, and seeing how many colleges and universities there are in the Windy City and its environs (aka Chicagoland), the notion of Chicago as Our Campus was born. And, no, I do not just mean the museum campus. I mean the whole city. Your streets, my streets, and those in between.

That is what this blog will be -- focused on this area, and higher education in various ways. I believe that higher education is important. And I believe it is important not just for individual self-development or job training. I believe it is a public good.

Public goods -- those are the things we work on together -- that we debate and support and ensure survive in various ways for coming generations because they improve the world.

Chicago is our campus. What can we do to better understand it and support it?

That is what this blog is all about.

Your role: comments and debate. My role? Provocation and ideas and resources.


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