Bulls' Derrick Rose a passenger in friend's DUI arrest

Almost a week after holding an all-day promotional event in Chicago for his new signature shoe, the adiZero Rose 2, Derrick Rose spent early Friday morning at a place his hometown fans would never imagine -- the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to TMZ.com, the Bulls guard was a passenger in a car driven by his childhood friend and personal assistant, Randall Hampton, who joined Rose last week for three-on-three games at the James R. Jordan Boys & Girls Club, as police pulled them over for a traffic violation at 2:00 a.m. While Rose was reportedly free to go, Hampton was arrested on suspicion of DUI following a field sobriety test.

An hour later, the reigning league MVP found himself at the LAPD "to check on" Hampton.

True to form, TMZ was able to get a video of the 23-year-old Rose.

In it, Rose obviously is a man of few words -- similar to his manner on the court. As Rose left the police department, he told someone inside the station, "I feel you."

When the videographer asked Rose how he was feeling, it appeared that Rose replied, "I'm good," and made a sound of disgust after his friend's DUI arrest was brought up. Asked for a comment on the situation, Rose ignored the videographer. You can watch the footage below.

Although Rose was not charged with anything, this is, by far, his biggest off the court issue since being the first overall draft pick by the Bulls in 2008.

He had been involved in a scandal with Memphis University, his alma mater, but the case was brushed away by the majority of fans, who focused solely on his professional career, not his wrongdoings as a student.

Still, being so closely involved with a friend's DUI case is the last thing Bulls fans and management want to see out of their franchise superstar, especially due to the NBA seemingly heading towards a prolonged lockout. Before passing judgement, though, it would be wise for fans to wait for Rose's response to the matter.

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