Reinsdorf acknowledges two-guard woes

The Bulls' need for a difference-making shooting guard became very evident during the playoffs. We know it; they know it. It's like beating a dead horse.

Even owner Jerry Reinsdorf knows it.

Said Reinsdorf: "We probably would have won the Miami series if we had a 2 guard who could score the ball."

No argument here, or on any Bulls blog or forum, for that matter. We all know the Bulls will need to get an upgrade at shooting guard.

At this point, it's clear the current tripod at two-guard (of Keith Bogans, Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver) won't get it done. We saw that during the Eastern Conference finals, when the threesome combined for 15 points per game (41 percent shooting).

And that's why hearing the acknowledgment from the owner is just what you want to hear. That shows that they (upper-management) know the issues, the problems, that will need to be dealt with if the Bulls want to reach the next level.

Unlike the team 2006-07 team -- led by Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, Luol Deng and company -- this Bulls team is a simple, in some eyes, minor, acquisition away from a title. Upgrading the two-guard tripod shouldn't be that hard.

We'll see. Reinsdorf is talking the talk, which is good, something fans want to hear, but let's see him walk the walk.

Jerry Reinsdorf.jpg

He has said in the past that he will spend if it means a championship. Is an East finals berth good enough to show you that this team is awfully close?

In addition to the two-guard woes, Reinsdorf felt that the Bulls' youth had something to do with their five-game defeat to the Miami Heat in the East finals.

Said Reinsdorf: "We had a 12-point lead with, what, three minutes to go. My goodness, you can't lose a game like that."

It isn't even a shot at the team. It is true: You've got to closeout a 12-point lead with three minutes to go (in Game 5).

Continued Reinsdorf: "At the beginning of the year, I was hoping we could finish with the
fourth seed (in the East). I thought we would be fighting
for the fourth or fifth seed. Obviously, the team exceeded my
expectations. Then what happened in the Miami series was simply that our inexperience was exposed."

The Bulls exceeded everyone's exceptions. No one saw an NBA-best 62 victories coming. Yes, not even the owner.

Oh, and add Reinsdorf to the Derrick Rose fan club, if he wasn't already. He might not be the club leader, but it's always good when the owner is gushing over the star.

"He's going to become an even greater piece of our team next year,"
Reinsdorf said. "At this point it's still Michael (Jordan) 1, Scottie
(Pippen) 2 and Derrick 3, but Derrick is going to become one of the
all-time greats. I truly believe that."

I second that, says all of Bulls nation.

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