Monta Ellis to Bulls? Don't count on it

Here's your daily rumor regarding a shooting guard and the Bulls. This one comes from the Bay Area. How would you like Monta Ellis running backcourt with MVP Derrick Rose?

It would look filthy. But don't think you're going to like the price -- at least the way it's being rumored.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury-News writes: "Then there is the matter of getting the right deal for Ellis, who is
due $11 million in each of the next three seasons. After checking with a few NBA sources, two teams kept coming up --
both with the combination of potential interest and the right roster
pieces to intrigue West and the Warriors. They were: Chicago, which might have been a big-time perimeter scorer away from
pushing Miami to the brink in the Eastern Conference finals. Would the
Bulls think about Luol Deng for Ellis? Could the Warriors sweeten that
offer? And Memphis, West's old team, which has Rudy Gay at a huge salary and
which offered O.J. Mayo for Ellis in the recent past. That doesn't mean it will be easy for the Warriors to trade Ellis --
emotionally or practically. It will take some guts. But again, that's
precisely why West was brought to the Warriors in the first place."

Two things here:

1. Ellis is a 33 percent three-point shooter, though he shot 36 percent this season. Does he really solve the Bulls' shooting woes from the two guard position?

2. Why on Earth would the Bulls deal Luol Deng, who Tom Thibodeau calls the "glue" of the team, for a two guard that averaged almost as many shots per game as Rose?

Regarding point one, Ellis would be a good player to have. If the Golden State Warriors would take Kyle Korver, Keith Bogans and filler (such as draft picks), the Bulls will do it without hesitation.

He doesn't shoot particularly well, but like Rose, he's worked long and hard on extending his range. It worked last season as he made 36 percent on about four three-pointers per game.

He, like Rose, is 6-3. The Bulls have been through the small backcourt days in the past -- Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon, and then Rose and Hinrich/Gordon. It doesn't work. The chances you're going to win a championship with two 6-3 players (if not shorter) in your backcourt are slim.

Monta Ellis.jpg
Who's going to guard Dwyane Wade, who's 6-4, 220 pounds? Ellis is 6-3, 185. Don't think that will get it done.

To point two: If the Warriors want Deng, John Paxson and Gar Forman are hanging up the phone in a heartbeat.

It's as simple as that.

The Bulls do need an upgrade at shooting guard, we all know that. But they're much better off searching for one through free agency, with options such as Jason Richardson, Jamal Crawford and potentially Arron Afflalo.

Ellis would look good in red and white. But not at the price the Warriors will want. Deng for Ellis?

If you're Chicago, you may not even answer that call.

**Update:** In terms of sweetening the deal, the only player that makes sense for the Bulls is Dorell Wright, who led the NBA in three's made this season (194). But the Warriors aren't looking to part with him quite yet.


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  • Deng and Bogans for Ellis and Wright... These numbers work, and I think it makes us a better team...

  • In reply to RC360:

    Dorell Wright makes perfect sense for the Bulls. The question is: Can they get him?

    I don't think Monta Ellis necessarily makes the Bulls a better team. And if the Bulls do trade for him, he'll likely be a sixth man because on a championship contender, you can't start two 6-3 players (if not shorter). Derrick Rose/Ellis backcourt would be nasty ... in a 2-on-2 game versus other 6-3 players. In a game, late in the playoffs, two 6-3 players leads to liabilities. Especially when Rose isn't great at guarding players -- such as Wade -- that are bigger than him.

  • In reply to Shams Charania:

    I think that Rose did a pretty good job on Wade when he was guarding him. Wade had an awful series, and while Bogans and Brewer were the primary defenders, Rose was solid on switches. I feel like Wright does a lot of what Deng does, but is a better shooter... Imagine the floor being spread for Rose with Ellis and Wright out there, and Booz and Noah there to collect boards... Our defense would take a little hit, but Thibs is a defensive guru who would find schemes and ways to make it work... Plus there aren't a great deal of 2 guards in the league that are both quick, explosive scorers, post players, etc. that would give Rose/Ellis to hard a time. Ellis constantly outplayed bigger defensive guards, and sometimes having a guy do that will take away from their offense... I think this would be great for the Bulls...

  • In reply to RC360:

    I like Dorell Wright. I even lobbied for him way earlier this season in an article ( But you can't compare him and Deng, who Thibs called the glue to the Bulls.

    Plus, I don't necessarily believe Golden State wants to deal Wright. He's on a very cheap deal for a couple more years and is still fairly young (25 years old).

    The Bulls want to upgrade the two guard -- there's no question about it. But the answer isn't to trade away Luol Deng. He was the Bulls' second-leading scorer and played as good defense as you can on LeBron. He's a keeper -- if you want to win a championship, that is.

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