Bulls introduce Jimmy Butler, talk Nikola Mirotic

The Bulls made two first-round picks in this year's NBA draft, Real Madrid's Nikola Mirotic and Marquette's Jimmy Butler, though only one, the latter, will be with the team this season. Mirotic -- who the Bulls were unable to discuss formally before Monday -- by the sounds of it, won't be in a Bulls uniform for quite some time.

"We can't say for sure when he'll be able to come over, but we're
hopeful he'll be a big part of what we're doing," Bulls general manager Gar Forman said to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. "In our speaking with him, his desire and dream is to play
in the NBA at some point."

ESPN's Fran Fraschilla said on draft night that Mirotic, 20, probably won't be able to make his way to Chicago until 2015, as he's signed to a long-term contract with his Euroleague team.

We've all had a tough time breaking down his game, but leave it to Forman to dissect the 6-10 forward.

"He's a 6-foot-10-inch power forward that has a great offensive package,
we feel," Forman said. "He shoots it with range. He can handle and
pass, so he's very skilled. He's already playing at a high level with
Real Madrid in the Euroleague in the ACB, which is probably the
second-strongest league in the world behind the NBA. When you look back
historically, it's very unusual for players of that age to be playing
such a significant role at that level.

"Our feeling was he was a definite lottery-type talent. He needs to get
stronger physically. But he's getting great experience at that level. . .
. We felt in the position we're in to get a player of that caliber it
was the right move. He fits with how we play and fits with Derrick because of the way he spaces the floor."

Apparently, he's a mixture between Andrea Bargnani and Jason Kapono, so we'll see. But with the Bulls in title contention, don't look for Mirotic in the next couple seasons at the very least. The Bulls will let him groom, mature and develop overseas.

Jimmy Butler Bulls.jpg

The other first-round pick, meanwhile, has an interesting story to share.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune
writes: "Jimmy Butler was in the Houston airport when the text message landed on his phone. "Congratulations. Welcome. Maybe come by tonight and chill out for a bit and get to know each other." The sender was none other than Derrick Rose, the reigning most valuable player in the NBA. So Butler landed and hung at Rose's house Sunday night."

It didn't seem like Rose sent a welcoming text to LeBron James last offseason, but made exceptions for the Bulls' 30th overall pick. It's good to see Butler and league MVP Derrick Rose develop a relationship, though their mutual friend Randall Hampton, who has played with both in the past, has a lot to do with that.

"Randall was there, too," Butler said. "I talk to Randall ever since I
left junior college and went to Marquette. He's been one of my best
friends throughout this process and he's always and forever one of my
teammates and like a brother to me.

So what did Butler, Hampton and Rose do?
Said Butler: "We went to Derrick's house and watched the BET
awards and just talked about basketball, my life. Me and Randall were
joking about our junior college days. It's crazy that I used to watch
Derrick on TV and now I'm a teammate. I try not to let that show too
much. He's a good dude. He's just like me for the most part. He just
wants to win."

You know, just your typical hangout: talk basketball, life, joke around and watch the BET awards.

It was an impressive opening interview from Butler, who brought up the two Miami Heat stars, James and Dwyane Wade, a few times. And he doesn't do it in a cocky manner, either. He's a competitor, and wants to get a crack at guarding them. That's what you want to see from a rookie, one who can make a mark on the defensive end from the get-go.

The Bulls are playing this smart by limiting the offensive expectations for Butler, keeping things simple and talking about his defensive strengths.

Forman had high praise for Butler on draft night, and it continued Monday.

Said Forman: "Like any other draft, there were a handful of guys that we figured were
going to be there what we would have been comfortable with. But Jimmy
was on top of that list. We even considered trying to
move up a few spots to make sure we got him. After the 29th pick was
made and we were on the clock for five minutes, it literally took three
seconds to get our pick in. He's our kind of guy and he's going to fit
the culture we have here of hard work and defense. He's a very versatile
player on both ends of the floor with a lot of size and athleticism."

The Bulls are confident they'll get their two-guard upgrade via free agency or trade, but in Butler -- who will wear 21 next season with 33 retired in honor of Scottie Pippen -- they find a viable backup at small forward and a player who's committed defensively. Head coach Tom Thibodeau is loving it: he gets a defensive-minded rookie and another one with upside stashed in Europe.


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  • I actually like Bulls draft, considering where they picked. Mirotic has been called a top 10 talent and I think Butler will be a rotation guy -- making him a better pick than many of the guys picked ahead of him.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    A very safe, smart draft for the Bulls. They're very confident they'll get their two-guard upgrade once the CBA dust clears ... rather than trying to do it via the draft. Smart, because I didn't see a difference-making shooting guard in this draft Year One. Possibly Klay Thompson, though even he wouldn't make me comfortable as a starter as a rookie.

  • I like this draft too. I'm glad they didn't reach for a SG. I think they could do just fine in free agency. I really like the idea of Shane Battier. He could probably be had for cheap and he can do all that we wanted Bogans to do just better.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Battier, at 6-8, 220 pounds, is more of a three than two. Also, is he really the difference-maker at two-guard you want? His defense would fit right into Thibodeau's schemes, but is he really that big of an upgrade over Ronnie Brewer, who's probably going to start if the Bulls don't land a shooting guard and even if Bogans' option is picked up?

    Since Battier's rookie season (2001-02), when he averaged 14 points, he has only topped 10 points per game twice. He's a plus defender, though isn't the offensive weapon you'd like at two-guard and isn't a good rebounder for his size. More of a small forward than shooting guard.

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