Bulls Draft Watch: Staying put

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Bulls are likely going to stay
put in this year's NBA Draft. They currently hold the Nos. 28 and 30
first-round picks and No. 43 in the second-round.

"I do get the sense because of the unknown that there might not be as
much movement as usual," general manager Gar Forman said to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. "We're having a lot of
discussions. That's our job. Our plan as of today is we'll end up using
those two picks.

"We want to get guys who fit with the guys we have. We've
got guys who are workers and who have been a part of winning and guys
who accept roles. ... More times than not, we're going to go with makeup
and character."

This shouldn't come as a surprise. This Draft doesn't field many
difference-makers at shooting guard, which is the Bulls' biggest need.

the shooting guards, Klay Thompson seems to fit best with the Bulls,
considering needs and the team's makeup, but he's projected to go in the
top 20 in most mock drafts. He's got a smooth, quick jumper, and though
he lacks big-time athleticism, he makes up for it in craftiness.

Brooks and Alec Burks are the other two-guards who might end up as the
best in the Draft class, though they're also projected to go in the top

When you're drafting late, especially at 28 and 30, the best
option is to simply get the best player on the board. Especially in
this Draft -- after Thompson, Brooks and Burks, there aren't many decent
shooting guards.

Said Forman: "I've always been a huge believer that you draft the best player
available. When you
look at needs, there are three ways to fill them -- free agency, trades,
draft. When you're higher up in the draft, if you have two guys who are
tiered closer together, then you go for need. When you're drafting as
late as we're drafting, we'll go for two guys who fit the culture we've
created and hopefully make the rotation."

That's been the Bulls'
manta since the Eddie Robinson days: draft players who come from a good
program and system, and bring the right mindset and positive vibe.

been pretty clear that a Draft night trade -- for a shooting guard or
moving up -- is unlikely. The Bulls won't want to take on a massive
contract with the lockout looming, and their late first-rounders simply
don't hold much value. The teams in the top 20 are there for a reason:
they need talent. As the saying goes, quality over quantity.

agency seems like the Bulls' best bet to upgrade at two-guard, though
even that isn't a flat out given. Likely, yes. But the Bulls may strike
out, depending on the new collective bargaining agreement.

If that's the case -- build from within.

"We're certainly not looking to rebuild or make drastic changes," Forman
said. "We like the nucleus of this team. And it's a young team we feel
still can grow together."

Words Bulls fans want to hear -- no. But it's the right approach as we inch closer to Draft night and, hopefully, free agency.


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  • Supposedly the Knicks are looking for a late 1st round pick....Bulls might work a deal with them for the 30th pick.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    But for what? Doubt the Knicks would trade No. 17 for both of the Bulls' late first-rounders.

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