Rose fifth among NBA's popular jerseys -- behind Rondo

The soon-to-be MVP, Derrick Rose, finished fifth in NBA's annual jersey popularity list, according to CBS Sports.

You can find the list in its entirety, however the top five consists of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Rajon Rondo, Amar'e Stoudemire and Chicago's own Derrick Rose.

It's interesting that LeBron's apparently already gotten his popularity back with fans, although his jersey popularity could have easily sparked him past last season's most popular jersey holder in Bryant because he's dawning a new uniform with his new team, the Miami Heat.

Rose, who finished fourth in jersey popularity last season, stayed among the top five and it's a good sign for him and the Bulls. He's a star that's here to stay.

The most surprising of all the names was Rondo's ranking at three compared to Rose's five. Coming into the season, there could have been a sincere debate among NBA fans -- who aren't biased one way or the other -- on who the better player is: Rondo or Rose?

At this point in the season, with both Rose and Rondo's career -- and respective teams -- going the other way, it isn't even close. Rose is the likely MVP; he's not only elevated himself past Rondo, but he's easily the best point guard in the NBA, passing preseason favorites Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

D. Rose vs. Sixers.jpg

Photo from Yahoo! Sports

Either way, Rondo, who made it to his second consecutive All-Star game as a reserve, edged Rose in jersey popularity. Looking at the list, he's the player you look at and go, "What? Rondo!?!?"

Yep, Rondo. The same Rondo who has gotten destroyed by Rose this season.

Oh, well, at least jersey popularity doesn't determine the wins and losses, because Rose's Bulls edge Rondo's Boston Celtics in that.

Bulls-Pacers Game 1 set: The top seeded Bulls will face the eight-seeded Indiana Pacers in the first round of the playoffs. The only question was when.

The Bulls released today that Game 1 against the Pacers will be on Saturday, April 16, at 12 noon C.S.T. on ESPN and CSN. Of course, with the Bulls holding home-court advantage, Games 1 and 2 (5 and 7 if necessary) will be at the United Center.

With the Chicago Blackhawks, the Bulls' United Center partner, playing in Chicago on Sunday, the Bulls' next game, Game 2, won't be until Monday.

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