Jazz coach Jerry Sloan to resign

Per KSL: Desert News:

KSL has learned that Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and assistant coach
Phil Johnson will resign at a press conference later Thursday.

More details will be posted as they become available.

The news comes after the Jazz lost to Chicago in Salt
Lake City on Wednesday, where former Jazz players Kyle Korver and
Ronnie Brewer helped the Bulls escape Utah with a 91-86 win.

After the game, Sloan didn't come out of his office
for a postgame interview until about a half-hour after his team lost for
the 10th time in 14 games.

The Hall of Famer, who usually talks to reporters
about 10 minutes after the final buzzer, had been in a discussion with
general manager Kevin O'Connor.

"We just had something we had to discuss," Sloan
said, "and we'll talk to you all later on about that." A major part of
the discussion, however, was the possibility of a trade in the works.

This news is not only shocking, but it's also very sad and should be depressing news for Jazz fans and NBA fans as a whole.

Sloan, in his 23rd season as head coach of the Jazz, signed a contract extension with the Jazz just two days, making this news very surprising considering that he's been in Utah so long and has had so much success.

But how does this relate to the Chicago Bulls?

Well, if the reports that Sloan is out come to fruition, this will be the second coach that leaves (gets fired/resigns) after a loss to the Bulls.

First it was Indiana Pacers coach Jim O'Brien was fired after a 110-89 loss to the Bulls at the United Center, and now it will be the longest tenured coach, Sloan, resigning from his position after a 91-86 loss in Utah.

Not saying that the Bulls are the sole reason why these coaches are leaving, no way. But it's certainly ironic.

The Jazz have internal problems that we'll get to hear later on. Sloan, as the Desert News noted, didn't come to his usual postgame press conference until after a meeting with GM Kevin O'Connor.

We don't know the full extent to why Sloan is resigning, but it's certainly going to be a major story in the upcoming days. Why did Sloan get a contract extension if he was going to resign two days later? Same case for the Jazz: why did they give Sloan an extension if they knew he had different views than the management.

Nonetheless, if Sloan indeed does retire, this is sad news for Jazz and NBA fans.

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