Derrick Rose 'more than likely' to play tonight vs. Magic

Per K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

A subdued Derrick Rose said it's "more than
likely" that he would play Friday night against the Orlando Magic despite battling two stomach ulcers.

Rose said he would be a gametime decision as he continues to battle
fatigue from lack of eating.

"I'll have to see when I get down (to United Center," Rose said. "I
haven't really been able to eat anything. It still hurts. But it's a
game that I love. So I should be able to play.

"I've been eating portions of things. But I haven't had a whole meal
in like three or four days. The ulcers have to heal a little bit more.
It's still sore. It's something I have to fight through."

Rose said he is on liquid
medication and also trying to consume
shakes and smoothies. Rose admitted that the ulcers were caused not only
by his diet of spicy foods but also anti-inflammatory medication.

Rose said he hasn't weighed himself lately but estimated he has lost
six or seven pounds from his typical playing weight of 213 pounds.

Coach Tom Thibodeau said Rose participated in the entire morning
shootaround and that his energy level looked decent.

"If his energy is good tonight, then he goes," Thibodeau said. "He
went through a normal shootaround, which was a pretty good pace. I want
him to go through his normal routine. If he feels like he has the energy
to play, then he starts. If he doesn't, then he sits and C.J. (Watson)

Update: Derrick Rose will play tonight, per the Chicago Bulls official Twitter page.

As I said earlier today, I fully expected Rose to play. Just for the simple fact that he's a competitor; there's no way he would sit out a game of this magnitude, against fellow MVP candidate and All-Star game starter, Dwight Howard.

For starters, it's good to see that Derrick Rose participated in shootaround today. Although, the way his condition is being described, it seems fairly serious for an issue that I deemed as a non-issue.

With Joakim Noah still a 1-2 weeks away from returning, the Bulls would be completely undermanned if Rose is ruled out for tonight.

Rose, the only player in the NBA in the NBA averaging 24.0 PPG and 8.0 APG, was named to the 2011 NBA All-Star game as a starter last night on a special TNT broadcast.

Rose has taken the honor in stride -- refusing to get too high or too low. Although like any other player, he's very happy about the All-Star start. Per the Chicago Tribune:

"It wasn't like a celebration or anything," Rose said. "My mom was at my
house and she was happy. Her and my friends were watching (the
announcement). I wasn't into it like that. I don't know why. That's just
not me."

"I love LA," Rose said. "My agency is out there. I know a lot of
people out there.The crowd there is going to be crazy. I'm playing
with a great bunch of guys, having a lot of fun. The only thing that
changes is I'm a starter."

"I feel I've been playing well," Rose said. "My confidence is high.
And I know a lot of people are going to be watching.

"It's great knowing that everything is going my way right now. I feel
blessed. If it wasn't for my fans, the organization, adidas, everybody
playing a big role, I wouldn't have got that spot."

It's an honor that not only Rose deserves, but he's clearly the front runner for the NBA's most prestigious award, MVP. However, some will argue that tonight's opponent, Dwight Howard, deserves the MVP award himself.

We'll see how things play out tonight with two MVP candidates facing off head-to-head.

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