Derrick Rose misses practice, Noah "two steps away", and Carlos Boozer deals with affair charge

Per Staff Report - Chicago Tribune:

The Bulls' Derrick Rose missed practice on Wednesday with what the team called "flu-like symptoms."

Rose, who has been bothered by a
sore back, stayed home, while the rest of the team practiced at the
Berto Center.

The Bulls had Tuesday off and don't play again
until Friday, when they play host to Orlando on the United Center.

Per K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

The Bulls' Joakim Noah continued his conditioning workouts Wednesday, one day after having the pin removed
from his surgically repaired right thumb.

"He's on schedule, maybe a little bit ahead of schedule," coach Tom Thibodeau said. "Now he has to strengthen the hand."

Noah underwent surgery Dec. 16, at which point the Bulls estimated he would
miss eight to 12 weeks. This Thursday marks six weeks since the surgery.

"The next step will be getting
him on to the court to do non-contact
stuff," Thibodeau said. "He's probably a week or two away from that.
Once he can get through the non-contact part of practice, then the next
step will be contact in practice. When he gets through that, then he
plays. He's still two steps away."

Thibodeau said it's "most likely" that Noah will travel with the team on
its extended West Coast trip that begins Feb. 1 and continues through
Feb. 12.

And in news unrelated to on-the-court issues: (Per Staff Report - Chicago Tribune)

A contestant on "The Bachelor" tells Life & Style magazine she had an affair with Bulls forward Carlos Boozer while he was still married.

Money tells the magazine that when she met Boozer while he was playing
for the Utah Jazz and he told her he was separated from his wife, Cece.
Money claims she broke off the relationship in June of 2009; Boozer
filed for divorce in March of that year.

"Yes, I was in a
relationship with Carlos while he was still married," Money said. "What I
did was wrong."

Money said she regrets everything, especially
any pain she caused Boozer's ex wife.

"I should never have been so
naive to assume what I was told was true.
I'm not trying to shy away from the fact that he was still married. I
don't put that on Carlos. I don't put that on anyone but myself. I feel
terrible for Cece for that pain she's had to go through and that I am a
part of it."

The Chicago Bulls' next game is Friday night against the Orlando Magic; which leaves plenty of time for Rose to heal up from flu-like-symptoms. Should there be anything to worry about with Rose considering he's also dealing with back problems?

Coach Thibodeau is saying that Noah is "ahead of schedule"; is that a good thing?

As for the Boozer situation, is it too early to make assumptions?


Michelle Money, 30, a 'Bachelor' contestant, is claiming that she had an affair with Boozer during his days with the Utah Jazz.

Boozer, who filed for divorce his then wife Cindy earlier this season
during training camp, hasn't made any public statement about this, but I'm sure the Chicago media will ask him about this shortly -- maybe even today.

I'm not condoning this in any way, but isn't it plausible that several professional athletes -- in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL -- have "affairs" and "relationships" with females all the time. There's a handful that get leaked out -- by the female most of the time -- but when you're an athlete, it's tough not to take advantage of your fame. If you know what I mean. 

There hasn't been any confirmation or comment from Boozer's side, so until there is, it's tough to presume things and put unnecessary blame on him. I'd much rather wait it out and see what his camp says. Nonetheless, I certainly don't doubt what Money is saying. Athletes get into ordeals like this all the time; some become public, others don't.

As for the on-the-court news with the Bulls: star guard missed today's practice due to flu-like-symptoms.

With the Bulls' next game on Friday night, I assume Rose will be ready to go by then unless the symptoms get worse in the next couple days.

Rose has also been dealing with back issues, which I don't see as a big issue moving forward. He's been carrying the team on his back this season, literally.
Another banged up Bull is Joakim Noah, who has been out with torn ligaments in his thumb. But as we know, Noah got the pins in his cast removed yesterday, and according to coach Thibodeau, is ahead of schedule.

I don't think the Bulls should rush him; actually, I don't even think the Bulls are the ones rushing the energetic Noah. He's a gamer; he wants to be on the court right now helping his teammates.

However, this could also be a negative. The Bulls need Noah come playoff time in order to compete to an NBA championship. What's best for him and the Bulls is to come back at 100%. Rushing back will only hurt the team and himself.

I'd much rather see Noah's comeback be delayed rather than premature. Knowing him, that might be tough to do.


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  • Michelle Money is a freaking whack job! wife watches it! Rose is MVP material and its gonna be a Championship season if we can finish off second rate teams!

  • In reply to Fanbrew:

    Yeah, after Miami's loss tonight, the Bulls currently are tied with the Heat for the Number Two seed in the East. If Noah can come back healthy, and the Bulls don't lose anyone major to injury, this team should get that Number two seed.

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