Can Dorell Wright emerge as an option for the Bulls?

There have been several Shooting Guard's linked to the Chicago Bulls the past few week -- OJ Mayo, J.R. Smith, most recently Courtney Lee, and a few others.

One player that hasn't been mentioned with the Bulls is Golden State Warriors Small Forward Dorell Wright. At 6'9", Wright has good length and size. However, he has emerged as a very good three-point shooter -- shooting 41.3% this season on just over 6 three's attempted per game. That's an outstanding three-point percentage considering how many times he shoots the three-ball; but Wright is also a good rebounder for his position, as he grabs about 6 per game.

Wright is listed as a SF, but I think he would certainly work with the Bulls as their starting SG. He brings length, size, and can certainly shoot the ball. When he played with the Miami Heat, the one knock on him was his shooting. The Heat loved his athleticism and defense, but he just didn't hit shots.

Clearly, Wright worked his tail off during the offseason on his three-point shot and he will be in the three-point shootout, barring an injury.

Does Wright make sense for the Bulls
I definitely think acquiring a player like Wright makes sense for the Bulls. There aren't many 6'9" SG's, but it isn't that uncommon. Also, Wright isn't the type of SF who will hinder your outside shooting or running ability. He can certainly jump and has developed a three-point shot that's making him a very dangerous shooter.

With the move, they can move the underwhelming Keith Bogans to the bench, and put Dorell Wright at SG. Kyle Korver can shoot just as well as Wright given the attempts, but Wright is the far superior defender and athlete.

Meanwhile Ronnie Brewer, who I've thought should be in the starting-lineup over Bogans, plays just about as good defense as Wright, if not better, but Wright is much better on offense and does more on the court than Brewer.

One thing that separates Wright from Mayo or Smith is that Wright does not need the ball in his hands to be an impact player. He's a good spot-up shooter, solid rebounder for his position, and even averages 3 assists per game.

If the Bulls are going to upgrade at SG, they have got to get a guy who can fit well with Rose. I have always thought -- dating back to Ben Gordon's final season with the Bulls -- that a ball-dominating SG alongside Rose would hinder his development and impact on the game.

The Bulls have something special right now, it would be a total mistake acquiring a guy who will take the ball away from Rose.

Wright doesn't do that; instead, he's a knock-down shooter and very agile for a SF. He would have to slide down to SG with the Bulls, but I don't think that would be a problem considering how well he can shoot and run.

What sort of package would please the Warriors
We just don't know with Noah out. Right now, the assets the Bulls have are limited.

Would you give Taj Gibson straight up for Dorell Wright? I wouldn't. But the Warriors would probably want an asset like Gibson if they're going to give us what we need, shooting.

On the other hand, would the Warriors take James Johnson and a draft pick or two? I doubt they would, and I don't blame them.

In the end, I'd bet it would take Gibson to land a player like Wright, but if that were the case it would be in the Bulls' best interest to make it a multi-player deal, maybe even adding a third-team.

Ultimately, if the Bulls want Wright, it would likely have to involve a package trade around Gibson.

How would acquiring Wright impact the starting-lineup
Getting Wright would leave the Bulls' starting-five as: Derrick Rose, Wright, Luol
Deng, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah (when he gets back from injury).

That would give us an MVP-candidate at PG, a three-point competition
contestant, top-10 SF, a top-tier low-post scorer, and arguably the
second-best Center in the NBA.

That's quite a potent lineup, much more versatile and dangerous than with Bogans in at SG, that's for sure. 

Wright and Deng are both 6'9", but Wright can move around much better
than Deng and although both have shot the three-ball well this season,
Wright has become a feared shooter this season around the NBA.

Many fans will look at Wright strictly as a SF, but that's not the case. He's quick and agile enough to stay with the quick SG's around the NBA, and has the length and size to keep up  with big SG's around the NBA.

Final thoughts
I truly believe that Wright is the best option for the Bulls. The question is, is he available in trade? I don't know what the Warriors mindset is right now, but he can't be a type of player the Warriors see as part of their core.

I think the Warriors have sold their fan base on a Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, David Lee, and Andris Biedrins core. Wright is certainly attainable, but if the Warriors would ask for a guy like Gibson, it's tough to see the Bulls go through with that.

What seperates Wright from other players mentioned with the Bulls is the ability to impact the game without the ball. He doesn't need the ball to hit a shot.

Wright is an excellent spot-up shooter and rebounds well for his size. Guys like Mayo and Smith need the ball to create plays, although Mayo does more overall on the court than Wright, the Bulls need Wright's shooting and versatility more than Mayo's playmaking ability. The Bulls already have Rose to create plays, they don't need another ball dominating guard.


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  • I think he'd be a great fit, and although he's listed as a SF, I think he can play SG if need be. He's a excellent shooter, and makes an impact without needing the ball in his hands -- something Mayo or a guy like Smith aren't best suited for. He's quick and agile, and his defense was his strong point in MIA, the only knock was his shooting -- and this year he's shooting very well from 3.

  • You're crazy if you think the W's would give up Wright for an average PF like Gibson. That's not a position of need for the Warriors. Considering they traded for David Lee in the offseason, drafted Udoh in the lottery and signed Amundson to a multi year deal, going after another true PF does not make sense.

    They really don't need someone who would play limited minutes for a starter not making much $$ on a multi year deal like Wright. It would would not suprise me if it takes someone like Deng, Noah or a couple of draft picks for the Warriors to consider trading Wright.

  • In reply to dubsfan:

    PF might not be a position of need for the Warriors, but I guarentee you they would make a Gibson-for-Wright deal in a heartbeat. Not even close. But the Bulls, I doubt, would touch that deal.

    Also, the Bulls would not ever do Noah/Deng AND picks for Wright. I think you're overrating Wright by a large margin.

    But you're titled to your opinion.

  • In reply to SCharania94:

    Do you know the difference between AND and OR?

    Of course the Bulls would never trade Noah/Deng and draft picks and if you read my post you'll see that's not what I said.... Noah, Deng OR draft pic(s).

    There's no way the Warriors would trade Wright straight up for Gibson. Why would they trade for a player who would average under 20 minutes? Wright's no all star, but the Warriors got him for roughly 3 mil a year (which increases his value). Not many starting SFs are making that little on a 3 yr contract.

  • In reply to dubsfan:

    Gibson is making about $1M and change per season and he's under contract for a couple more seasons. He's cheap as well.

    As for Noah/Deng and draft pick(s) for Wright: not even the Warriors are that stupid. They know the Bulls would never even consider something like that.

  • In reply to dubsfan:

    Nah, not going to happen. D Wright is a candidate for MIP in the league this year and could easily slide to the 2 if the Ws move their most attractive asset, MOnta, for a major 3, or for Igoudala, since, as great as Curry and Ellis can be, they are too undersized and both need the ball...besides, between all-star Lee and Udoh, Amundson, Wright and Radmonovic, the Ws are , amazingly for once, not exactly short at the 4...We will trade you Biedrins and throw in Wright and Vlad for Noah though;=}

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