Bulls' three days off is good news for Derrick Rose

Per Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago:

CHICAGO -- Derrick
is battling another injury but, as usual, he continues to play
through it.

"My back is killing me right now," he said after the Bulls' 92-83
win over the Milwaukee
on Monday night at the United Center.

The good news is the Bulls have three days before their next contest
against the Orlando
. It's a break that Rose is really looking forward to.

"I get time to rest," he said. "Get a lot of treatment and hopefully
it will heal by the time we play Friday."

It's crazy to think that Derrick Rose isn't even at 100%, yet he's still putting
up fabulous numbers, including his 21 points, 10 assists, and 10-of-10
from the free-throw line performance on Monday night against the
Milwaukee Bucks.

But it does beg the question: how long has Rose been dealing with this back issue? His numbers have still been outstanding, but he's had a slight decrease in FG% in January compared to November and December; also, his assists per game are at 7.1 in January, down from the 8.5+ in the previous two months.

On the flip side, his points are at a season high (monthly average), 26.1.

I don't think this Rose injury is anything major, or something we need to keep a close eye on. Although, with back injuries it's always good to get rest and treatment for it, and I'm sure that will be done before Friday night's game against the Orlando Magic.

One thing's for sure: with no Noah, it's already going to be a tough task beating the Magic; but if Rose is out too, no chance.

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