With Noah out, is Rasheed Wallace an option?

Rasheed Wallace announced his retirement prior to this season, but with the injury that will sideline Bulls center Joakim Noah for 8 to 10 weeks, could Wallace come back on a team coached by a man who was his assistant coach in Boston?

It's an interesting thought; although he's much more of a shooter than
low-post big man, the Bulls can live with that since they have a guy
like Carlos Boozer.
The substance behind getting Wallace is his size, at
6'11", and ability to matchup well with centers around the NBA --
something he's been doing for 15 years in the NBA.

The Bulls
don't need to necessarily address the Center position right now -- with Taj Gibson, Omer Asik, and Kurt Thomas as options --
but the idea of
signing a veteran like Wallace to a cheap contract seems like a very
plausible idea. 

For now, I expect the Bulls rolling with a primary tandem of Gibson
and Asik. As I said in my previous

post, I would expect Gibson to get the bulk of the starts at PF,
sliding Boozer to center. However, against bigger teams, it wouldn't
surprise me if Thibodeau goes with Asik, assuming Asik can have
continuous growth.

I also wouldn't rule out the possibility of
Thibodeau playing Kurt Thomas more than Asik. As seen with the Keith
Bogans situation
, Thibodeau loves his veterans. I don't expect
him to go
with Thomas for extended periods of time, but it wouldn't shock me at
all if Thomas is given a few starts, if not the bulk of them, at center.

Thibodeau loves his vets, and if he has yet to remove an
underwhelming Bogans, it certainly leaves the door open to Thomas
getting big-time minutes over an inexperienced, young Asik.

good thing about Noah's absence is that it will come at a time the Bulls
will have an easy schedule. But they will certainly need Noah 100% come playoff time. 

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