Tracy McGrady says LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are "terrible" mix, claims Chicago was better match for James

Per Marc Berman of the New York Post:

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- In perhaps the harshest
critique yet of Miami's Dream Team, Tracy McGrady said yesterday the
chemistry between LeBron James and Dwayne Wade is "terrible" and
James should have gone to Chicago.

Always outspoken McGrady, the
ex-Knick who faced his old team yesterday and scored 13 first-half
points, wonders if the 9-8 Heat are going to be big winners. McGrady's
Pistons face the Heat Wednesday.

"[LeBron] and D-Wade don't
complement each other," McGrady said before the Knicks' 125-116
double-overtime victory. "Him and D-Wade and [Chris] Bosh don't
complement each other. They're so much the same type of players, LeBron
and D-Wade. That's why they're having trouble in the half-court. They
can't get a rhythm because one of them is dominating the ball. "

"When they're on the court together, they're terrible."

"I feel like LeBron should've went to Chicago if
he was going to leave," McGrady said. "I'm not mad he left. [Chicago
was] a better decision and place and fit as far as chemistry-wise. You
can't just go somewhere and get that kind of chemistry he had in
Cleveland. If he was to be with a team where he fit and chemistry
would've been right, it would've been Chicago.

Add another Heat detractor to the list; it seems like everyone is piling up on them these days. From ESPN analyst to current NBA players, not many feel that the 'Miami Thrice' is working out.

Personally, I think that the Heat will certainly need time to gel, but once they do, they'll be as unstoppable as it gets. This season, I think, is a building year: see where you can get with this team in year one, and hopefully make smart moves in the offseason, and contend for real.

The Heat lack size and shooting, and as McGrady noted, Wade and James both need the ball in their hands to be effective. Neither is a good spot up shooter -- both need to get in a rhythm in order to be effective shooting-wise.

Things should change when Mike Miller returns, since he will give them another ball-handling play maker on the court, along with solid perimeter shooting. But the lack of size will continue to be an issue for the Heat, who either have old or undersized centers right now.

As for the Bulls, I agree with McGrady: James would have been a much better fit here in Chicago. With a star point guard (Derrick Rose), a good low-post scorer (Carlos Boozer), and great role players (Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Taj Gibson), the Bulls would have given James the best team that would suit his basketball abilities.

In Chicago, James would be given the freedom to be the number one player on the team, along with enough players around him to provide help offensively and the dirty work.

The chemistry would be much better in Chicago, too, since James would have been given the reigns to do what he wants on the court, and not be judged. In Miami, James is clearly holding back offensively, and doesn't want to take over games when the Heat need him to.

The Heat are playing a game of "You do it!", "No, you do it!'. Neither Wade or James want to take over in late, key situations. Chris Bosh already realized in Toronto that he isn't a franchise player, so he's pretty much out of the equation.

Until Miami can find a solution to their offensive and defensive problems, they will continue to hover around .500. They might be great on paper, but games aren't won on paper.

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