Bulls' guard Derrick Rose will play tonight against the Sacramento Kings

Per K.C. Johnson (Chicago Tribune) on Twitter:

KCJHoop DRose: "It's still sore, but I'm going to try to play. I don't want to miss two straight games."

I love Derrick's tough-minded attitude and desire to help the team every game, but it's a bit concerning to see that he's playing with a sore neck. Sore neck's are always a pain, we've all had them.

Yesterday, he couldn't even turn around without moving his entire body. A day later, he's all ready to go against a professional basketball team. Although this shows how tough of a player Rose is, it also gives me a sense of doubt as to if he's actually doing what's best for himself and the Bulls moving forward.

The Bulls need him for the long haul of the season, not just one game against a team that, well, the Bulls should beat easily without Rose.

Nonetheless, Rose knows his body much more than I, or anyone else does. If he can play at a high level, then I trust him.

It's going to be a fun game to watch now that Rose is playing, but it will be interesting to see how Rose plays with a tweaked neck.


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