Kevin Love: Baby don't you want to go.. ?

Kevin Love: Baby don't you want to go.. ?

The rumor mill has started to build its momentum as draft night approaches, and Chicago seems to be the landing place for every star in the sky. This is where you separate the men from the boys in NBA executive circles. For the Bulls front office team, the buzz word should be patience. The franchise needs not to make a hasty move which could damage relationships and the chance for success moving forward. The two clear candidates for the Bulls have been Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love. As both have been leaked in trade rumors involving the Bulls. We must remember however that information is often disinformation in these types of negotiations.

I can remember buying my first car, and being advised to not get excited about one particular vehicle.  I was warned by family that such behavior is like blood in water to savvy salesmen waiting to take my ever last dollar. This summer the Chicago Bulls are in the market for a new family car, that hopefully could drive them to their seventh championship. The media has reported it clearly to ever suit wearing shark in the league and now its about patience. There have been rumors stating Rose likes Love and that Noah likes Anthony. Or this coach talk to that coach, so its got to be a done deal. This is how it works once blood is spilled, and this is how it will be until ink is signed. One side leaking disinformation to gain an advantage, and the other playing possum to gain it back. A back and forth tug of war that usually ends in a draw.

The Bulls can do no better than to be patient. As one can clearly see that Chicago is the place to be. If your tired of not making the playoffs head to Chicago. If your career legacy is in jeopardy the windy city will fix it. So for all the points and counter points, one remains the same. They need us more than we need them. And that's the bottom line. Like Clark Griswold piloting the family truckster to Wally World, the Bulls front office is in the driver's seat whether they like it or not. Kevin Love knows it, and so does Anthony. They both want to be Bulls, but which one will get to smoke one of Reinsdorf's beloved cigars, only time will tell. For my money, which is likely two cents, I hope its Love.

Kevin Love fits the Bulls system and his stat line is as impressive as Anthony's. He comes with less mileage, and a new paint job will do him, and the Bulls well. He provides scoring without hogging Rose's spotlight and helps Noah to get more mileage on a tank. So why haven't they kicked the tires and shined him up to show the neighbors ? Because he still belongs to Minnesota, and they plan to get all they can before they wave goodbye. The Bulls have told Minnesota what their willing to pay, and aren't budging. That is what they should do, and if Minnesota trades him to 'bean-town' or 'The Bay', he still wants to be a Bull. That's their advantage, and that is where they should stand. Just clean out the garage Gar and Pax, make it so inviting that he'll drive himself home, to sweet home Chicago.

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