Death by Three

Death by Three

Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards: Game FourThere is an old NBA truth, that teams live and die by the three. This holds true for the Bulls series with the Wizards, as the Bulls have been woeful from the arch, while Washington seems can't miss the basket. The outcome of tonight's game five in Chicago should follow the same story line, and Win , Lose or Draw the organization seems ready to make changes to the line-up. Jimmy Butler hits a deciding three-pointer in game 3, however, is it so clutch when you have to miss ten shots from the arch before connecting in the crunch. If Butler truly wants to help this team win he can defend top scorers and crash the offensive glass. The mystique around Butler is mostly home town favoritism, furthermore, Is he really an elite defend or is he just more athletic than Kirk Hinrich or Mike Dunleavy. Would other playoff contenders start him after hoisting so many bricks in the first three games of this series? I think not. So I stick to my initial assessment, It is easier to teach a guy defense than to re-create his offense. The Bulls experiment with Butler at the shooting guard seems to have finally derailed from the tracks. His ability to guard is over-hyped and his lack of shooting is apparent to any fan not wearing red glasses.

carlos-boozer-hairlineHowever, for his faults, Butler could provide a defensive stopper down the road at small forward if the coaching staff can control his bricks. Jimmy "chucking" Buckets does not nearly upset me as much as Carlos "The king of hairspray" Boozer, A beast of a man that feasts on the weak and gets dominated by the strong. He is an embarrassment to the power forwards that have played this game, as he shy's away from contact, and believes defense is the ability to hide himself in the mix of players while guarding absolutely no one. In the first three games Mr. Boozer has managed to average 10 points a game, and even posted a 5 point game. Although, It is said he is needed for his offense I feel the Bulls could have spent that $16 million on better players than Mr. Boozer. The organization should see the distance their team is from the NBA mountain top thanks to a hot shooting Washington Wizards team. Hopefully, this new found knowledge will spark some action, before the Bulls become the new Cubs. A franchise that sells tickets and beer and false hope.

CT Nuccio10699.JPGThis article would not be fair if I did not praise the efforts of Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson, as both have battled with a warrior-like mentality in all three games, and deserve to be Bulls for many years. As for the rest of this mesh-mash bunch of bottom dwellers, low-ball contracts and over the hill players, the Bulls need new direction. Their window of winning has been slammed shut and now it is time to re-open it with savoy trades and draft selections. The organization has the best coach in the league and a core of Rose, Noah and Gibson to start with, they have two mid-level draft selections this summer, and a possible lottery selection coming from Sacremento in the next few seasons. They own the rights to the best player in Europe and have a team of GM's in Forman and Paxson that have proved they can find talent. So for this I am hopefully, and you should be too.

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