Operation South Beach

Operation South Beach

After an impressive win at home, the Bulls travel to Miami to battle against rival Lebron James, who is  listed as day to day suffering from a 'bop in the nose'... industry term. Even though the outcome of this showdown is still uncertain, and the fact of whether or not King James graces us with his presence still not determined, it really doesn't matter. That's right, it really doesn't matter who wins because it's just one game.

One Game? I like the sound of that. That represents the Bulls whole organizational philosophy ... "One Game". In all the playoff series against the Heat the Bulls have managed to win... one game. Also, all the front offices decisions are influenced by always injured Derrick Rose, who wears number one ....One Game? Yes, I like the sound of that. So after this one game is over and the sideline interviewer blinds us with his suit, it all means absolutely nothing. If the Bulls win there will be a segment of fans that believe the Bulls can get passed Miami in the playoffs, and if the Bulls lose fans that will proclaim of the Bulls impending doom. However, neither is true, and neither helps the Bulls to "Get Passed Miami".

What does that even mean, Get passed Miami ? It all sounds like there is a schoolyard bully and if the team is sneaky enough they might get by him without a beat down. Chicago is the 'city of broad shoulders' and it will be a sad day when such cowardice nonsense becomes a teams battle cry. There is no getting by in the NBA, there is no secret stage door that sneaks into the NBA finals, those spots are saved for the leagues' elite, not for cowards that sneak. So if you want to get that spot you have to take that spot, because it is something that has to be earned.

The Bull's process should start with a thorough reconnaissance of the enemy, and surveying their strengths and weaknesses. Follow this by building your forces and creating strengths that exploit your enemy's weaknesses and that can defend against their strengths. The Miami Heat's main battle weapon is Lebron James, the greatest basketball player in the world, and defending this tank is virtually impossible. Their is a difference between defending and standing in perfect defensive position with a hand in his face as he still drops thirty on you. The problem is that Lebron doesn't even have to drop thirty on the Bulls, he just has to be the center of attention and get his teammates the ball in the predetermined  spots on the floor.

It is 'connect the spots' with the Miami Heat offense, and Lebron knows all these spots by memory. He could close his eyes and still be able to point to where every player on his team is at all times. All the antics and dancing is part of the act as well and gets his opponents so ready to 'bop him in the nose' that his teammates are left wide open for shots they have practiced almost exclusively. That is how the Heat beat you. They slow the game down which makes the contributions of their 'Big 3' worth more to the game as a whole, and they keep roll players accountable for the shots they are allowed to take. Then Lebron just connects all the dots to his preplanned orchestra of narcissism. To beat the Heat you need to out score them, and take away the preplanned wide open shots.

Al though he can shoot, Lebron James is not a shooter, and he needs to use his athleticism to beat you. His athleticism dominates every game he plays in, and controls the actions of everyone on the court. The fact is that any time Lebron has a clear path to the basket, he is dunking it, and anyone near him has a chance to be an embarrassed victim. This fear of being part of a sports highlight controls the way teams defend the Heat, and is how teammates around Lebron make their livings down in south beach. They just go to their spot and wait for the King to bless them with a wide open shot. If the Bulls really want to take out the Heat they have to out score the Heat. They have to find scorers not defenders.

The Bulls organization is aware of this and knows they may be better served as a team that comes after the Lebron era or possibly the team that escorts his decent from greatness. Every player to play in the league will tell you the best defender ever is father time. This will hold true for Lebron's future as well, and ole' father time will stay undefended. The best thing for the Bulls tonight is if Lebron or Wade do not play, and the Bulls still get beat by thirty. Then maybe management will do some better recon. It is not rocket science or neurology...  it's basketball. The Heat have the best player in the world, So you get the list of the worlds best players and figure out how you get the next best player available from that list, and sense you have to outscore the Heat, that player better be a scorer. If you haven't gotten the hint, That player could be Carmelo Anthony.  Not Derrick Rose, or Joakim Noah... Not Jimmy Butler or Nikola Mirotic.... The next best player available or that could soon become available is Carmelo Anthony. A player that Lebron would have to guard as well as find ways to score on a Tom Thibodeau defense. Sometimes it takes fire to douse a big flame.

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