Next Man Up

Next Man Up

The media will continue to proclaim that Miami was rusty in game one. This is not completely true, I would say more Lethargic aka Lazy. Playing the role of the "Fat Cat" dictator that rules the NBA world, the Miami Heat came into Monday night's game with a sense of let's get this game over before this hype on Chicago grows anymore ridicules. Well who looks ridicules now Miami ? This is not the humble pie I called for, but is at least a crème pie smashed right into the face of the Miami Heat.  Which looking at the shoes Lebron dawned in the first half brought back childhood memories of Cookie and Bozo's antics on The Bozo Show, but for the Bulls to win the grand prize game they need players like Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng healthy.  Coach Tom Thibodeau has molded his team to believe in his "Next Man Up" theory where as long as the Bulls have five live bodies they have enough to win the game.  The Bulls grind through opponents like a well-tuned line of Roman soldiers, and as one man falls the next steps in, sword and shield ready to fill the void.

1Having Jimmy Butler guard Lebron James for 48 minutes is not the answer. The Bulls need Luol Deng to get healthy enough to return and have him guard Lebron primarily and use Butler to check Wade. As much as I like seeing rookie Marcus Teagues grow up and earn his playoff stripes, or watching Nate Robinson's heroic efforts, the Bulls need Kirk Hinirch to run the offense and provide some much needed pressure to Miami's point guards. Nate Robinson is great coming off the bench, he is like Chicago's version of Vinny "The Microwave" Johnson. Couch Thibodeau can just have his buglers sound the alarm and release the hound, and storming off the bench comes Nate Robinson ready to create chaos. This strategy fits much better then having Nate try to set up the offense and pounding the ball into the court until he turns it over.

NBA: Playoffs-Chicago Bulls at Indiana PacersAfter game one the alarm sirens have been sounded in south beach and the Heat will be on a mission to destroy the Bulls and any doubters of their rock-star greatness in game two. This is why you hear Bulls Players and Coach Thibodeau in interviews continue to announce "Miami is a great Team" or "Miami was rusty," it is part of the physiological war that is fought in these playoff series.  The Bulls want Miami to have big heads and believe no one can beat them, They want Miami to blame loses on being "Rusty" and always have a reason why they lost. It's like the guy that knows he committed murder, but blames being sentenced to life in prison on his public appointed attorney. The truth is that behind the Heat's lapse with Lethargicness was a Chicago team playing defense and causing Miami to rush shots and disrupting what the Heat were trying to do offensively. The Bulls want no credit from the media for their role in the win, Their credit will come in winning four games against the Heat.

The witch hunt of Derrick Rose has now finally got me upset enough to write something. He needs to come back on his time table, not on anyone else's. He is a competitive guy and has a humble character. He is not scared either, He grew up on the "Blood & Guts" streets of Englewood. So just trust him to decide when it is best. He may not be ready during the Heat series, but he leaves the door open because un-like most these fair weather fans, he has confidence his team will be in the playoffs for a long time, and Miami is not the end of the season but rather the beginning. So I borrow the eloquent words on Joakim Noah and ask nay-sayers to "Shut Up"

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