Deng it ... Bulls tapped out

Deng it ... Bulls tapped out

No sleep in Brooklyn! Ok, Its a game seven now, and it should be a battle. The stars will be out in Gotham and Beyoncé and Hubby should be in the front row. As I stated before, This is all for a chance to play the Miami Heat. So it's really no price to win this series. However, as much as I have criticized Deng before, In this situation I see why he didn't play. As reported he received a spinal tap Wednesday, and obviously couldn't play. This whole Luol Deng situation works my last nerve. I hear from fans all the time; "He's an All-Star" or "We need him to defend Lebron". The truth is that no one man can guard Lebron James, It takes a complete team to guard him, and even that doesn't work a lot of the time.

luol-dengNext season Luol Deng is scheduled to make 14.2 million dollars. Take a second and put that in prospective. The Bulls could sign three or four legit players for that kind of money. This team is near dead last in offense, and increasing their scoring is more important then the fan pronounced "Lebron Stopper" Previously, it was rumored the Bulls could have pulled the trigger on a draft night deal to get Harrison Barnes. Which they didn't do. Also, there have been rumors about Deng going to Sacramento in a deal for Tyreke Evans. Again no dice on that. After next season the Bulls will again have to strike a deal with Deng and hope he doesn't sign with another team or gets an offer they can not match. I say forget that noise, and its time to move Deng and his 14.2 million salary out and bring in some new talent. Jimmy Butler can play the small forward and Deng could fetch you a nice young prospect and a roll player or two. His stock is high and there may even be a draft night deal for a lottery pick in it for the Bulls. This isn't just because this series, its been the right move for awhile now. Though, the reluctant Bulls never make a move. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah are the core of this team and no one else. Its time to deal Bulls and quit wasting their young careers by anchoring salary cap space on the likes of Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer. Furthermore, leaving the team with no money for a bench. Go get some young ballers...please.

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