The un-Crucifixion of our savor

561203_338063679591194_823886848_nUPDATE !! Derrick Rose started eating skittles again I am tired of the daily updates and prognosis of his return to a game. The Chicago Bulls are a team desperate for offensive output with all eyes focused on their savor Derrick to come back and lead them to the promise land. This is not the ideal situation for a man to return to off an ACL injury. It is however, The reality of the Chicago Bulls. I have said before and still believe "no return" is the best scenario for the future of this team. The situation that has been developing since last April is one that can lead to a career ending injury. And for what ? So they can make a good showing in the Eastern Conference finals against the future back to back champion Miami Heat ? Before this train ran astray I had suggested they move out some core pieces that were not part of a long term plan, to increase their draft position and cap space. Instead, They march forward to a ending that is unknown. My prayers are that the organization doesn't ruin the career of this nice young man from within their own flock. Let him return next season or just let him return when he is ready. If both teams are firing on all cylinders ... Miami Wins, Brooklyn Wins. So what is this all for anyway? Bring Rose down from the cross and just let him be a man recovering from a serious injury. Quit stirring up comments by his brother and, focus on what this team really needs "More Scoring." Don't put all that weight on Derrick's shoulders because bad knee or not he will attempt to carry it. Let the team fight this battle without him. And next summer assemble the pieces to actually dominate the Heat, rather then hope and pray you can over come them.

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