Bulls' Trades no Slam Dunk

With the current bulls roster filled with one year contracts and the RETURN of Derrick Rose uncertain, The Bulls move closer to this year's deadline date. There is uncertainty in Los Angeles with their star players like Dwight Howard & Pau Gasol. So what will the Bulls do ? What should they do? I believe it will be all or nothing in this year's trade deadline. Either the Bulls will do hardly nothing or make a big splash. I am not completely certain what Dwight Howard wants. If he is just riding out his contract in Los Angeles or if he plans to stay there long term. But watching the Lakers play I see two glaring reasons they have not had the season many thought they would. One, Dwight Howard's back is not healthy. The same explosive dunks and athleticism just is not there. It brings the question to light if it will ever be there in the same sense again. Second, Pau Gasol is not the same player he once was and the combination of Him and Howard just does not work. So for the Bulls I am certain a trade of one of the two big man in Los Angeles is coming. That being said I do not want Gasol as a Bull. And not sure about Howard either. Howard has no long term contract in place and it would take quite the package to lure him from Los Angeles for just a rental of half a season. However, The Bulls could get involved as a third team and maybe land a nice piece or rid themselves of Boozer's long contract. It is great to see both Joakim Noah and Luol Deng make this years all star team. They both deserve it. With Deng inching closer to a free agency I feel the time to move him is now. His stock is at an all time high and it is uncertain what salary he will demand in 2 years at the age of 29. He has made great strides as a Bull and will fetch a nice package in a trade. So with the improvement of Jimmy Butler and the salary crunch the Bulls are in, It is time to move Deng. This team is about one player, Derrick Rose and Deng does not bring Roses' championships dreams closer longterm. So a package which included either young talent, salary room & draft picks will bring Rose's Bulls closer to the next level.

This time of year everyone is posting trade ideas. So here is mine:


Bulls Send:

Luol Deng

Vlad Radmanovic

Orlando Sends:

JJ Reddick

Josh McRoberts

2014 1st Round Pick


Post your ideas in the comments section....

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