Rose's Return: Knee bone is connected to the foot bone

1985-1986_season_broken_ankle     During a game against the Golden State warriors back in good old 1985 The bulls young star Micheal Jordan came down awkwardly on a rebound and afterwards the xrays revealed he had broken his navicular tarsal bone in his left foot. Jordan was coming off a Rookie of the Year campaign in 1984, The hearts of Bulls fans were crushed with the news, The young star at the ripe age of 22 years old would have to be shelved for what doctors at the time said would be six weeks. But Jordan did not return until March of 1986 some 4 months later. During the time he was sidelined people began to speculate that Jordan was capable of playing but Bulls management was keeping him sidelined to increase their draft position. This was report by ESPN in a article a few months back taking both Jordan and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf's different recollections of that time. And the talk of current bull Derrick Rose's return to the court.

Reinsdorf told ESPN: "I'm not going to let him back until the doctors tell me that it's absolutely safe for him to come back," Reinsdorf said. "I made that mistake with Michael Jordan years ago where I think we let him come back too soon. It worked out OK, but it might not have....This time I'm not going to make that mistake. Until the doctors say he's 100 percent and they put their reputations on the line, he's not coming back."

The 24 year old and tumblr_m46ad5QbK71qzhy1ao1_500Chicago native Rose who with 1:22 left in the first game of the first round matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers last April tore his ACL ligament in his left knee. Where again the hearts of Bulls fans were instantly crushed. Rose's Adidas advertised commercial series "The Return"  and his rehab have been reported on near daily during the past months and each day there is a new update of every step he makes toward recover.The speculation has ran rapid on when Rose will come back to play, but I feel a bit of bulls history is needed to gauge this "Return".

There are Trainers, and Doctors and General Managers and then there is "THE BOSS" Jerry Reinsjerrydorf. He is the one who ultimately will decide when Derrick Rose will dawn his famous number one jersey again. Which is in this case a good thing for bulls fans, A very good thing. During his time at Memphis University, Derrick Rose was banned by then coach John Calipari from using the training facilities, Derrick was suffering from an injury and coach Cal wanted him to rest it. Which Rose ignored and still tried to sneak into the gym at night and Calipari had to have trainers help keep a watch that Rose stayed out the gym. Derrick Rose is a ball player. He can care less about his stats ,his endorsements his public image as a shy kid. He is all about playing ball at 100% throttle until the horn sounds at the end. Then the smoke clears and you count the buckets and see who won. It is just that simple to him. Now after months and months of waiting, of hard work and chasing a goal, virtually chasing his former identity. The Bulls have to release this young man to play again, and even then they have hopes to limit his minutes and coral this Bull toward less risk on the court. To be careful out there, and cautious with their investment. It is not gonna happen. RoseCalls313It's like telling Mike Tyson to work in his jab more. Rose is not build to go half speed, to lay back and work his way into game shape. Which is why like back in 1986 with Jordan the Bulls will not let Derrick Rose step foot in a game into he is 110% cleared by doctors. Until the organization is comfortable that they can release him at full throttle he wont see the court. The risk of him to get injured is not worth it. So until they can open the starters gate and let their priced pony run for the roses, it just aint happening. My money was on march, but it is Jerry's money that matter.

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