Jordan is key for Rose to succeed

nba_u_jordan11_600 As the NBA approached the 2010  trade deadline the Chicago Bulls completed a deal with Michael Jordans' Charlotte Bobcats that will shape the two franchises for years to come. The Bulls moved out former 2006 4th over all draft selection Tyrus Thomas and received players and a 1st round draft selection with a whole bunch of protections. Looking at it through Jordan's eyes he saw it as a chance to get a top prospect to add to his team and it would cost him at worst a mid first round pick, because he had the confidence his team was on the rise. And for the Bulls they saw it as getting rid of a disappointment in Tyrus Thomas and getting a chance at a do over of the 2006 draft with a future high draft selection. The Bulls front office knew Jordan's draft record as a GM was terrible and were willing to gamble on that misfortune. Since the trade Tyrus Thomas has proven to be the disappointment the Bulls knew he was, and the Bobcats have drafted in the lottery every year since. Each year the protections on the pick are less and less. Next summer 2013 the pick is protected thru the top 12 selections and then top 10 in 2014 draft, top 8 2015 draft & finally in 2016 it has no protections and will be handed over to the Bulls if they haven't received it all ready. Many fans try to look into the future at the crop of 14 and 15 year old players that are projected to be coming to the league in 2016. Here is the latest list.

Dakari Johnson - 6'10" - Center

Malik Newman - 6'4" - Shooting Guard

Leron Black - 6'6" - Small Forward

Jamar Ergas - 6'3" - Guard

Mickey Mitchell - 6'6" - Small Forward

Chris Thomas - 6'5" - Shooting Guard

There is no loss for the Bulls at all, Tyrus Thomas was and still is a burst pick. And they got Jordan to agree to give them a future 1st round selection for him. That was just genius. The biggest value to that draft pick is the "What if" factor. As long as Charlotte keeps losing that pick becomes more and more valuable. Not only as a draft selection but as a trading piece or "chip" as Gar Forman referred to it once in an interview with chuck swirsky. The bottom line is that no matter what comes from the selection, The Bulls gave away virtually nothing to get it.

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