The Bulls are Running out of Excuses.

The Bulls are Running out of Excuses.
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Well here we are again. Are you guys tired of this yet? At this point I'm numb.

The Bulls had more turnovers than points in OT and let a game they should have won slip away from them...again. The final in this Salt Lake City affair was 105-96. Over the past week players like Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol have been saying that this team lacks mental toughness. I agree with them but the list of excuses keeps on going and going. Excuses have become the norm for the Bulls over the last couple of years. Sure Derrick Rose isn't getting calls, no one is stepping up at the small forward position, and yes they do have a new coach. You know what? Who cares?


It seems like everyone is sick of excuses, including the players. There is no excuses for Raul Neto to outplay Derrick Rose. There is no excuse for Taj Gibson not corralling a defensive rebound off of a missed free throw with the game on the line. There is no excuse for Pau Gasol not to step out on pick and roll defense. This is getting exhausting. What is going to change?

However, you have to give the Jazz credit. They have a lot of young talent and guys made some big shots down the stretch. Gordon Hayward finished with 27 points 12 rebounds and 7 assists, he hit some really tough shots late. Hayward was not afraid to attack Jimmy Butler who was absolutely gassed, but hey I thought we were done with excuses. Duke product Rodney Hood also had a good game finishing with 19 points.

Derrick Rose struggled tonight and was clearly frustrated with the lack of calls that didn't go his way tonight. Pau Gasol started off well but was a non-factor late. At times the Bulls offense seemed extremely stagnant and there were way to many isolation plays. The Bulls settled for poor mid-range jumpers in overtime and Jimmy Butler (26,7,6) could only take them so far. It's time to look in the mirror and evaluate this team. Excuses can only cover up the ugly reflection for so long. it's not pretty.

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