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Shots fired! Paxson says Del Negro never owned up to mistake with Noah

Per the Sun Times: “It never should have happened, and I never should have done it,” Paxson said Monday. “It was a heat-of-the-moment thing, and I was very frustrated with the way we were playing. “What also disappointed me is that [Del Negro] never owned up to making a mistake. That says more about him... Read more »

Rose discusses why Thibodeau rocks and VDN doesn't

Per KC Johnson: “We used to go into games where we were like, ‘Man, how are you going to win this game?’ ” Rose said. “But now, we go into games, we know what to do. If we’re messing up we can change it right when we’re playing. “We don’t have to look at film... Read more »

Taj Gibson discusses his foot injury and Tom Thibodeau

This is about a week old, but I missed it in the flurry to discuss Carlos Boozer’s championship aspirations this season. From the same day, Nick Friedell also caught up with Taj Gibson who was also at the House of Hoops opening: Gibson gutted his way through the entire 82 game season a year ago... Read more »

Joakim Noah work hard, improving jumper, and other random notes

I was talking to a source inside the Bulls organization, and I was told Joakim Noah is living at the Berto Center this summer.   He’s had an outstanding off-season, and we can expect him to come out really strong this year.   He’s still throwing up the sidewinder, but he’s knocking it down at an excellent... Read more »

Did the Bulls hire Del Negro to fire him this season?

So Vinny Del Negro is finally gone, and it got me to thinking:   Did the Bulls hire this guy with the intention of firing him a couple of years later? The Bulls were planning for 2010 free agency for an awfully long time.   This went back at least three seasons as John Paxson told me... Read more »

How many decisions is Jerry Reinsdorf making?

He’s apparently deciding the status of Vinny Del Negro: Vinny Del Negro met with Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf on Sunday, but the embattled coach’s 11th-hour argument to keep his job won’t change what the Tribune has reported since December 2009: Del Negro is expected to be dismissed with one year and roughly $2 million remaining... Read more »

Paxson tried to punch Vinny and more rumors

Per Rick Bucher on an ESPN podcast via realgm: (from Bucher)I’ve had multiple sources tell me this, John Paxson didn’t just shove or whatever, he punched or tried to punch Vinny twice in that altercation. (from the poster)He goes on to say that he thinks the Bulls have to clean out the front office. Also... Read more »

What to make of Vinny Del Negro?

So what do we make of coach Vinny Del Negro after two seasons?   The guy seems universally disliked by fans.  He seems to be the skapegoat for all of our losing while getting no credit for any of our winning. The number one thing any coach can do for a ball club is to make... Read more »

Del Negro calls out refs

Per KC Johnson: Is it time for Vinny Del Negro to ask team Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf for a raise to cover his fines? “I’ll have to talk to Jerry about that,” Del Negro said, laughing. It’s a serious issue, though, and a season-long storyline for Rose, who has become only slightly more demonstrative about no-calls... Read more »

Official statement from Gar Forman

Per Bulls Press release: The Chicago Bulls are focusing all of our energies into the remainder of this season and, as such, were disappointed at the recent stories that may have distracted from that.  Reports of a recent internal disagreement between a Bulls executive and the Bulls head coach were the result of each expressing... Read more »