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Who will the Bulls sign? I eliminate the options survivor style

Who will the Bulls sign?   I eliminate the options survivor style
The Chicago Bulls have a huge list of FA targets. They've been linked to virtually every player between 6'3 and 6'8 whether they're restricted or unrestricted this off-season. Given the mammoth list of names going for them, what should we hope and expect to happen...

Who's interested in the Bulls? Whom are the Bulls interested in?

With agents and teams first being able to make contact a couple of days ago, a flurry of rumors about players being interested in Chicago and vice versa have hit the net. I'll attempt to summarize what been discussed so far...

Take a chance on Vince Carter?

Filling the shooting guard hole will be an important topic until it's filled, and though it would rip out some part of a vital organ to take him, Vince Carter is worth considering if bought out...

Spare a thought for Vince Carter

So rumors are abound that the Phoenix Suns may buy out Vince Carter this season.  At age 34, without a ring but plenty of money in the bank, Carter’s the type of player who will have to decide if he can find one last decent contract (maybe he could get a 2 year MLE deal),... Read more »

Good feelings from road trip don't last long as Bulls annihilated by Magic

Well, it had to happen eventually.   A team doesn’t play a full season in this league without throwing up a complete clunker where they don’t even compete.   There were a lot of things that could have been going on in this game.   First and foremost, the Magic are awesome.   Team’s aren’t beating... Read more »

Bulls dominated by Orlando Magic

The wrap up of this game is fairly short and sweet. The good: Derrick Rose didn’t get thrown to the floor and injured by Dwight Howard. The Bad: Everything outside of C.J. Watson apparently who managed to shoot 6/11.   I’ll be honest with you though, I couldn’t stomach the second half of this one. So,... Read more »

Five keys for the Bulls to beat the Magic

We’ve discussed, twice in fact, how the Bulls could attack the Miami Heat and hope to pull off an upset, but in order to win the ring, the Bulls are going to have to go through either Orlando or Boston as well, so with that in mind, I bring you: How the Bulls can defeat... Read more »