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Derrick Rose MVP promo vid from italianbari8 [awesome]

Derrick Rose MVP promo vid from italianbari8 [awesome]
What can I say except that kicks ass.

LeBron to Chicago Promo video

A good idea to subscribe to Italianbari8 as he’s done a bunch of awesome Bulls vids.  Enjoy this one!

Chuck Swirsky interview the Bulls [some transcripts] has a ton of player video up about the Bulls trip to London.  I haven’t watched them all yet, but I’ll probably provide transcriptions if and wihen I get a chance to do so.  I can’t link to the individual videos due to the annoying javascript setup, but you’ve got videos for Gar Forman,... Read more »

Top 10 Bulls plays of the year (per

Check out the Bulls top 10 plays of 2008/2009 in video form.   I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the video yet, but will comment on it when getting a chance.