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Utah returns the favor, saves Bulls potential luxury tax woes

Utah returns the favor, saves Bulls potential luxury tax woes
The Bulls might lead the league in financial creativity, and when bonuses threatened to push them back above the luxury tax line, they called in a favor from the Utah Jazz...

Bulls loss to Jazz shows how different this year is

Bulls loss to Jazz shows how different this year is
There's no Nate Robinson to come in off the bench and give the Bulls instant offense. There's no light at the end of the tunnel that Rose might return and lift the team back to championship contender. There's little hope that this group will be coming back next season. There's little hope anything gets done this year...

Boozer leads the Bulls back over Jazz; time to shut Noah down

The Bulls started off with an explosive first half, but fell apart in the third period and early fourth to let the Jazz take the lead. However, in crunch time, Carlos Boozer delivered for Chicago while Al Jefferson, who'd dominated all game, was held scoreless for the final nine minutes...

Bulls vs Jazz 7pm on WGN

The Chicago Bulls look to rebound after a tough loss to the Orlando Magic when they take on the Utah Jazz tonight. They'll likely have to do it without Hamilton, Deng, and Watson...

Bulls host Jazz while honoring the 1st title team 7pm on WGN

The Chicago Bulls continue to honor the 20th anniversary of the first title during the season with their best chance to win one since the end of the Jordan era.   With Boston losing two straight, the Bulls now have a legitimate chance to take the East and the much easier playoff route that goes... Read more »

Trade deadline thoughts, a day after

Yesterday, I discussed my mixed emotions on the Bulls lack of a move.   The right move may not have been on the table, but the predeadline comments by beat reporters about the new CBA and saving money still bring back scary thoughts for a team I hope will finally be willing to pay the... Read more »

Jerry Sloan abruptly announces retirement after Bulls defeat Jazz

The news is all over the net, and Derrick Rose has sent his second coach this year to the unemployment line.   Granted, Sloan seemed to tire of the job moreso than to get let go by ownership, but I love the fact that Rose is the one pushing them in that direction. Apparently, a... Read more »

Rose wins the PG battle to drive Bulls to victory

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Jazz fans aren’t missing Carlos Boozer any, and if I had my way, he wouldn’t have played in the fourth quarter.    Derrick Rose gave the Bulls enough offense while the team defense stepped up and did the job.   Big kudos to the bench for coming in... Read more »

Bulls @ Jazz @ 8pm on CSN+

They’re not booing, they’re cheering “BOOOZ!, or so Carlos Boozer quipped when asked about negative reaction from fans.   While the headlines all focus on Boozer, Korver, and Brewer’s return to Utah, the real story is Derrick Rose vs Deron Williams and whether the Bulls can get their game together on the road to stop this... Read more »

Melo to Nets deal inching closer

Per Adrian Wojnarowksi: The New Jersey Nets are working feverishly to acquire All-Star Carmelo Anthony and are in the construction stage of a complicated, multi-team trade, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.Anthony is unhappy with the Nuggets’ instability. Nothing is imminent in the next 24 hours, but Denver and New Jersey are having ongoing discussions centered... Read more »