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Does the Bulls front office hang on to assets too long?

The NBA can be a world of buy low and sell high. One of the tricky things about running a team is knowing when to cut bait with a player and when to hang on to one. Some guys can be effective into their mid to late 30s while other guys lose value in their late 20s. Some players just have a lucky season while other guys whom look like they're having a lucky season develop into stars. How has Chicago done with asset management...

Latest rumored signings and impact on the Bulls

Yesterday was the first day that signings were leaking around the league including several players the bulls were "targeting", and the league nixing a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers...

Best of the Bulls [post Jordan edition]

So I brought you the bust-a-bulls earlier, but what’s the best of the best of the Bulls look like from the past dozens seasons? In sportscenter style, not appearing on this list?   Ben Wallace – 06/07, I thought you were a waste then even if the fruits of your disruptive, negative energy didn’t fully show... Read more »

The Bust-a-Bulls

Stole the idea from realgm, but it got me to thinking, what’s the worst team you can put together for the Chicago Bulls?   Rules, your total team salary must equal at least 60 million.   You must have a combined total of at least 410 starts on the roster.  Every player must played in at least... Read more »

Plan E, no really, that's the one we're on:

Here’s a great write up of all the post dynasty plans the Bulls have run though separated into distinct groupings where the team’s identity changed.   The Bulls are presently on plan #5.   In some ways that sounds terrible to fans I’m sure.  Plan 5?!   What the heck, how could we not get it right... Read more »

Chicago Bulls @ Charlotte Bobcats, 6:00 PM CSN-Chicago

Charlotte acquired guard/forward Stephen Jackson earlier in the season to boost their offense. The much-troubled Jackson is scoring 20 points a night for the Bobcats, but has been inefficient from the get-go. Chicago will try to force him into taking bad shots and dare him to beat them through contested jumpers. Derrick Rose had 19... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs Charlotte Bobcats 7:00 PM, WGN

The Chicago Bulls are coming off a scrappy win on the road againt the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers. Forward Luol Deng contributed 15 points and seven rebounds, with point guard Derrick Rose chipping in 14 and 11 assists. Center Joakim Noah even stood his ground againt future hall of fame center Shaquille O’Neal. Tonight, the... Read more »

Top 5 favorite and most hated post dynasty Bulls

So I was thinking about all the great and terrible moments post dynasty and being a man, that means lists were formed.   I had my top moments post earlier, but I was thinking of my top five favorite and bottom five Bulls post dynasty.   Given that the love for a player can rise and fall... Read more »

Bulls best post-dynasty year? 2004 or 2008

I was attempting to come up with a top 10 list of the best moments for a Bulls fan post Jordan, and what I found was that virtually every moment on my list came from either the 2004/5 season or the 2008/9 season.   This prompted me to consider the similarities of the seasons as well... Read more »

Emeka Okafor swapped for Tyson Chandler

Not exactly breaking news at this point, but this trade leads me to ask, what’s wrong with Emeka Okafor?   There has to be something wrong for Charlotte to agree to this trade and more interestingly, why did the Bulls decide not to trump it? Cost conscious Charlotte is publicly saying they like Tyson Chandler.  ... Read more »