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Gar working on three way trade?

According to Sports Unplugged’s twitter, Bulls are working on a three way with Utah and Houston for Boozer. Source: Gar is active n 3way trade wit Htown and Utah: TyThomas, KFesenko to Htown. CBoozer to Chi. SBattier, JJames, and CLaundry to Utah. I have a real hard time buying this one unless there are some... Read more »

More Boozer to Chicago rumors

Reported from the twitter account of 1280 The Zone, a Utah sports radio station. Source” tells me that Jazz R trying 4 a 3 way w/ Port and Chi to send Booze to CHI and PG Heinrich to Port so Blazers don’t offer Millsap First, I hate that news is now sent out via twitter.  ... Read more »

Bulls looking at Boozer per

On the heels of my morning train ride article, the Bulls are now rumored to be in talks with Utah about Carlos Boozer per Look for the Chicago Bulls to make a strong push for Carlos Boozer. Reports have indicated the Bulls are interested in trading for the Utah Jazz power forward and there... Read more »

Bulls willing to move Tyrus, Hinrich to Portland?

According to Mark Stein, the Bulls are willing to move Tyrus Thomas and that the Trailblazers are focusing in on Kirk Hinrich. Chicago, by all accounts, has been increasingly open in its willingness to move power forward Tyrus Thomas. Kirk Hinrich, meanwhile, is said to be prominent on Portland’s wish list given the Blazers’ growing... Read more »

Trade rumors abound

A source told me the Bulls are heavily shopping Tyrus Thomas, and that Kirk Hinrich is also involved with some of the Tyrus trades as a package deal.   I approach the Hinrich part with a great degree of skepticism, given that it’s hard to imagine the Bulls parting with Hinrich without having Gordon locked up.  ... Read more »

Let's make a deal, the Tyrus Thomas version

Lost in an uninspiring playoff performance, Tyrus Thomas improved tremendously in his third season.    Sure, his highlight reel plays don’t always make up for mediocre defensive rebounding, lack of focus, and poor fundamentals, but he had genuine improvement in his fouling, shooting, and consistency.    The aftermath of a good season and poor post-season leaves us... Read more »