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Going in on GarPax at the Trade Deadline

Going in on GarPax at the Trade Deadline
Another trade deadline has come and gone, and the Bulls have solved exactly zero of their problems. Capping off the day with a bow out to Cleveland, the Bulls are just a single game above .500, hanging barely onto the the eighth seed. The season has been spiraling out of control since their 6-game win... Read more »

Trade Taj Gibson? Only if the Bulls are rebuilding

Trade Taj Gibson?  Only if the Bulls are rebuilding
Taj Gibson's hot play has teams interested in him at the trade deadline. Of course they're interested. He has two years remaining on a value contract. He looks solid on offense, incredible on defense, doesn't cost much, and is a great intangible guy. Everyone would love to have a Taj Gibson on their team...

Will trades solve the Bulls problems? Not likely

The Bulls options are fairly limited and as the team has started off looking like a poor man's version of itself so far fans are loooking at how it can address the same ole issues...

Does Rose want to play with Gasol?

Does Rose want to play with Gasol?
The initial report came out of Spain. I didn't even comment on the initial post because the idea of a Spanish newspaper [which might be close to Gasol, but not Rose] commenting on Rose's demands seems like completely made up garbage. Rose won't lobby for Dwight Howard, but he's going to lobby for Pau Gasol...

Would you take on Joe Johnson's contract?

The Chicago Bulls needed more perimeter scoring. They needed more ball-handling. They needed more play making. Joe Johnson can provide these things...

Bulls rejected Omer and Brewer for Mayo at the deadline will talks be revisited?

I was talking to one of my Bulls sources the other day, and he told me that the Bulls were in talks for O.J. Mayo at the deadline.   K.C. Johnson had reported that the Bulls offered up two firsts, and a second for Mayo. But according to multiple league sources, the Bulls aggressively pursued... Read more »

Bulls in the mix for Monta Ellis

Per Tim Kawakami: Warriors execs have apparently been told that Ellis would like to stay in the Bay Area, but that if they’re going to trade him, he’s looking to go to a contending team that might be a great scorer away from a title run. I’m told Chicago very much is at the top... Read more »

Dwight Howard says he's not signing an extension

Per the Orlando Sentinel: Dwight Howard on Thursday shot down an Orlando TV station’s report that he will sign a two-year contract extension with the Magi before the current collective bargaining agreement expires on July 1. “There’s no truth to that,” Howard told reporters in Birmingham, Ala., where he spent part of the day working... Read more »

The Bulls need to strike on draft day

With the lockout looming and uncertainty of what new rules will apply to the NBA after the lockout is resolved.   Front offices will likely take different tacks in how aggressive they want to be under their last chance to use the old rules. The Bulls should be among the most aggressive in terms of trying... Read more »

Bulls and Pistons part two, go get Charlie Villanueva

I wrote yesterday about how the Bulls could potentially take on some extra salary in a deal that improves their team considerably.   The Bulls are close enough to a title at this point that they should actively be looking to add large amounts of salary that also adds talent in an effort to improve... Read more »