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The new NBA model and why Chicago should consider trading Luol Deng

The Thunder and Heat might be the last of a generation in terms of how their teams are built. The new NBA salary cap model will make three star teams like theirs incredibly difficult to put and keep together. Only by a confluence of drafting three stars and getting them through their rookie salary structures will this be possible with the new cap limitations which will punish teams financially and by limited flexibility...

Odds and Ends; Rudy update and Henry's situation with Memphis

A couple minor news items came out over the past few days, and I didn’t feel like creating a whole blog post for either, but on another slow August day (is there a worse month in sports than August?  Seriously?) I figure it’s worth an update.   First, Rudy Fernandez no longer wants to play... Read more »

Bulls should pursue Rudy Fernandez this off-season

Rudy Fernandez’s days in Portland may be numbered: Enjoy Rudy Fernandez while you can, Trail Blazer fans, through the rest of the season. Because the Spanish sensation won’t be in a Portland uniform next season. Fernandez will do his best to help the Blazers achieve success in the playoffs. Then he’ll be gone – perhaps... Read more »

Hoopsworld: Amare trade desination (Bulls 3rd)

Hoopsworld broke down some places Amare could be shipped off to.   The Bulls came in as 3rd on the list with the following proposal. Chicago Bulls send Tyrus Thomas ($4.7 million for 2009-2010), John Salmons (two years and $11.2 million left on current contract), and Jerome James ($6.6 million expiring contract), — To Phoenix in... Read more »