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Trade deadline thoughts, a day after

Yesterday, I discussed my mixed emotions on the Bulls lack of a move.   The right move may not have been on the table, but the predeadline comments by beat reporters about the new CBA and saving money still bring back scary thoughts for a team I hope will finally be willing to pay the... Read more »

Bulls stand pat at deadline

In a move which seems to have upset a lot of Bulls fans, the Bulls have not made any moves at the trade deadline outside of the unloading of James Johnson for a 1st rounder yesterday. The Bulls have the chance to use that extra salary savings to bring in a player that is bought... Read more »

Trade deadline discussion thread

I’ve set my Miami game thread to publish at 4pm given that we’ll all be watching the trade deadline until that point. So far, things don’t look particularly likely for a Bulls move.  No one was held out of games yesterday which means a trade was clearly not imminent.    However, the Bulls have one more... Read more »

Final trade deadline thoughts [at least until we play games]

I will presume the Bulls hit the trade deadline with several goals.   I will place them in order of my own personal order. 1: Ensure adequate cap space is available to pursue a max FA in 2010.2: Have a playoff caliber team for this season.3: Make incremental future improvements. How did the Bulls do? On... Read more »

Bulls beat Knicks in afterthought game;

Tell me honestly, were you paying more attention to the Bulls game or refreshing a combination of yahoo sports, csn chicago, espn, and’s web pages hoping to find out more about the Salmons trade and whether anything else was going down? Oh yeah, so umm, back to that game recap… Well it goes like... Read more »

Bulls set up for dud trading deadline?

Look, there’s nothing less reliable than “basketball sources”.   I’ve scared to post any rumors I hear these days simply for the fact that of all the rumors I’ve heard through inside sources, not one has actually ever taken place.    Most trade rumors are plants by agents, management, or players to try and get... Read more »