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Who will the Bulls sign? I eliminate the options survivor style

Who will the Bulls sign?   I eliminate the options survivor style
The Chicago Bulls have a huge list of FA targets. They've been linked to virtually every player between 6'3 and 6'8 whether they're restricted or unrestricted this off-season. Given the mammoth list of names going for them, what should we hope and expect to happen...

Who's interested in the Bulls? Whom are the Bulls interested in?

With agents and teams first being able to make contact a couple of days ago, a flurry of rumors about players being interested in Chicago and vice versa have hit the net. I'll attempt to summarize what been discussed so far...

Bulls interested in Tracy McGrady?

Bulls interested in Tracy McGrady?
According to Steven A. Smith, the lockout will end soon, and when it does, the Chicago Bulls will sign Tracy McGrady...

Pistons sign T-Mac

Per DraftExpress: Tracy McGrady has been signed by the Detroit Pistons to a one year minimum contract, a source close to the situation tells DraftExpress. UPDATE —— (separate sources around the web are saying that this is likely or in discussions rather than a done deal). Nice.   My dream of McGrady going to a team... Read more »

McGrady likely not coming to Chicago

If you’ve been following Sam Smith or K.C. Johnson, you’d know that presently it looks unlikely the Bulls will offer a contract to McGrady. Tracy McGrady left the Berto Center on Monday without a contract offer after working out for roughly an hour and then meeting with Bulls management after lunch. This time, it wasn’t... Read more »

Tracy McGrady works out with the Bulls

So the workout reportedly went well, and McGrady gave the Bulls fans plenty to think about after the fact: “I feel good,” McGrady said at the Berto Center. “I’ve been battling to get back to rare form. Still coming off surgery. It’s been a tough road, but I feel pretty good compared to my last... Read more »

Bulls Beat #151 - That Boy's Good!

Bulls Beat #151 – That boy’s good! A discussion of the Chicago Bulls own C.J. Waaatson! I talk about the new signings, who’s left including fan favorites Shannon Brown and Tracy McGrady as well as the financial decisions the Bulls have made for the future.

Bulls still trying to move Hinrich

Per Mike McGraw: The Bulls are still intent on trading Kirk Hinrich and opening even more cap room for the summer. That’s their top priority in the final hours before the deadline. McGraw goes on to speculate on the Kings possibly dealing with the Bulls or Knicks and moving McGrady on to one of those... Read more »

Tyrus for Harrington and more info on Bosh

Per If a Tyrus to Rockets deal falls through, the Bulls will likely trade him to the Knicks for Al Harrington.  This would be a move, again, to add more scoring punch with the loss of Salmons.  If for some reason the Knicks change their mind on trading Harrington or if he is packaged... Read more »

Bulls kill Knicks on the court; Knicks likely to win Tracy McGrady 'sweepstakes'

So the Bulls annihilated the Knicks.   A game that threatened to be a laugher until the Knicks made a run, then threatened to be a laugher until the Knicks made a run, then threatened to be a laugher and was.   Apparently the Knicks run in the 2nd was their last gasp, because the game... Read more »