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C.J. Watson, can he be the x factor?

One of the Bulls first moves in free agency was to shore up their three point shooting with the signing of Kyle Korver.   However, Korver isn’t likely a 30 minute a night player, especially with Luol Deng playing so many minutes at SF.   They then tried to sign J.J. Redick, who would have been a... Read more »

Can the Bulls live without three point shooting? If not where does it come from?

If you ignore “getting a superstar” as a goal, the Bulls had two glaring holes that a balanced team would not have; interior scoring and three point shooting.   Their first two signings reflected the team attempting to fill those holes by adding Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver.   I’m quite happy with Boozer on the inside.  ... Read more »

How important is three point shooting?

If the Bulls have one weakness on paper entering this season, it’s three point shooting.   It’s quite possible that it won’t be a weakness in reality if Deng or Rose can improve their three point shot, but based on what we’ve seen, the Bulls have a single reliable three point shooting on the roster. ... Read more »

Who's Behind Cap Space Door #1?

Now that Wade and Bosh have decided where they are going to go, the free agent waters, while still murky, just got a tiny bit clearer.  This is what I see in play, right now, going into LeBron’s big show on the 8th. The Baseline Plan is Still In EffectGoing into free agency, the Kirk... Read more »

Getting Offensive: Part Two (The Offseason)

Yesterday I wrote about The Bulls’ current offensive woes.  This post is about how to fix them going forward.  Personnel-wise, the Bulls are missing 3 key elements: 1.  A new Kirk Hinrich (i.e. a secondary distributor to pair with Rose)2.  A pick and roll partner for Derrick Rose3.  Outside shooters Ranking these elements in terms... Read more »

Getting Offensive: Part One (2009-2010)

With the Bulls fighting hard for that final playoff spot, it feels a little mean to write what feels like a season wrap-up post.  But that max capspace is burning a hole in my pocket, spring is in the air, and the birds outside are chirping “Amare! Bosh! David Lee!” This year’s Bulls are currently... Read more »

Stan Van Gundy points out why the Bulls offense is doomed

[saw this on realgm] From mlive.com from quite some time ago: “There’s a significant group of people who it just drives them crazy that the mid-range game is disappearing, despite the fact that all you have to do is look at all the numbers and know that about the worst shot your team can get,... Read more »

The Bulls will fight an uphill battle on offense all season long

This augments yesterday’s thoughts about three point shooting, because as I considered it, I realized this team is really behind the eight ball to deliver a consistently good offensive performance. To understand why the Bulls will struggle to become a good offensive team first requires an understanding of what makes a good offensive team.   We’re... Read more »

Lack of three point shooting is a critical flaw

Watching the first three games of the season one thought repeatedly stands out to me.   The Bulls can not shoot the three.   You see teams leaving our perimeter players alone on defense,  massively cheating on the strong side of the ball, and jamming three guys in the paint to shut down the drive.  That’s not... Read more »