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Expect no waiver pick ups for Chicago

There are plenty of names out there which seem interesting on the surface bringing all types of skills the Bulls could use: championship experience, three point shooting, interior toughness, etc.. Just don't expect the Bulls to pull the trigger on any of them...

Bulls the new Phoenix Suns?

A couple of years ago when draftexpress asked players in Chicago what team they wanted to play for the consensus answer was the Phoenix Suns. Virtually every player at the combine would answer the Suns if they would give a preference at all.   Apparently all players feel they work best in an uptempo system where... Read more »

Terrence Williams - Draft Capsule

Terrence WilliamsSenior, LouisvilleNBA Position: SG/SFH: 6’6, W: 220, Age: 21 Terrence Williams has a legit NBA body with great size, strength, and athleticism to play SG at the next level and also contribute as a SF.    He has a great basketball IQ, and his versatility may be his greatest strength.     Offensively, Williams does not... Read more »