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Deng likely to avoid surgery, but should he?

Deng likely to avoid surgery, but should he?
Deng's finished up his stint at the Olympics leading Great Britain to a victory over China. Afterwards he discussed his plans to be ready for the Bulls training camp to open this year and postponing surgery until after the 2012-13 season or perhaps never having it at all...

How will the Bulls cope without Noah? Most likely, just fine.

Obviously the Bulls aren’t going to be better off without Noah.  They’ll be hurt by the lack of depth.  They’ll miss his rebounding, help defense, and hustle.   However, all is not lost.   Not even close.   The Bulls have quality depth to get through this period, and they’ll better develop Asik through the process.  Also, they... Read more »

Korver may need surgery? Bogans possibly out with strained back

Mike McGraw hints at it here: Bulls guard Kyle Korver said Monday he’s been bothered by a cyst in his left ankle. He had a cortisone shot, but is hoping surgery will not be necessary. CSN’s video update discusses it more saying that if his condition doesn’t improve he’ll require surgery.  Also on the update... Read more »