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Game Break: Bulls vs. Warriors

Game Break: Bulls vs. Warriors
After watching the Bulls play the Warriors, I wanted to go through some of the themes I saw in the game in a “Game Break” segment. Guarding the Pick-and-Roll The Warriors are basically a cheat code. They have at least 4, but often 5 guys on the court at all times that you can’t leave,... Read more »

Bulls @ Warriors 9:30 on WGN

Bulls @ Warriors 9:30 on WGN
How bad ass is it that we get another game tonight? Shortened seasons may suck, but Bulls basketball four days a week is awesome. The Bulls and Warriors both played last night with the Bulls pulling out an amazing victory and the Warriors falling to a mediocre Clippers performance...

Bulls annihilate Warriors

The Bulls got off to a blazing start in this game thanks to some early Warrior turnovers, and they never looked back.   Derrick Rose just dominated the game early throwing down his patented ball behind the head monster two handed slam a couple of times and getting all kinds of shots in the paint.... Read more »

Bulls vs Warriors 7pm on CSN [update Lee out]

Prior to the season starting, most people circled this game as a win on the Calendar.   Since that point the Warriors are off to a 6-2 start and look a heck of a lot better than the chucker Warrior teams of recent years. They do their damage in the backcourt where both Monta Ellis and... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, Junior, Davidson, NBA Position: PG/SG, H: 6’3, W: 181, Age: 21  The level of talent around Stephen Curry of both his teammates and his competition often makes it difficult to gauge how well he’s really playing.   It’s obvious that Curry carries his teams, and defenses game plan to do nothing other than stop... Read more »